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Verbatim for google docs

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Looks awesome! Would it be implemented as an add-on? And is there any way to customize each style's font?

Yes it will be an Add-on. The Beta release will have specific instructions for the install. You will be able to customize your font like any other document, the add-on should only edit your formating (i.e. document map, size, etc). If you input your email on the launch site, you will receive a email with the beta install instructions upon the launch date.

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I tried this many times over the last three years but Google Docs is still very restrictive in it's functionality. That's why I worked for Google as an engineer and learned their open source code to build a Google Docs from the ground up, customized for debate with file storage formatting and speech live-streaming. it's been in use from this year and sovles many of the restrictions that hold back offline solutions.






You can do a simple style template but debaters need to have many things open and speech docs and flows. This navigation pane chrome-addon above only works kind of well but it's very lacking; You will pretty much need to reprogram the interface to make it fit for debate files.

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I like this (synergy), pretty intuitive. I am going for a simple framework right now, Nothing more than the basic formatting (Pockets, hat, block, etc) for the first go-around. I understand the restrictions of Google Docs (Lacking doc map, saving to flashdrive, etc). To me, it is worth the time investment. If it doesn't work out, no biggie. But gonna give it my best shot. Best wishes for your site.

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