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Strange Ecology K

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So, as I wait for my Evazon access to begin, I wanted to announce a K I'm selling.


If there's interest I'll finish writing the blocks this weekend and let it go for $10. (Or a trade in Magic the gathering cards is definitely possible.)


Basically it's a Guattari (not DnG) K that criticizes the attempt to control the oceans (or nature writ large.) It's really, REALLY good against any aff with an evironment advantage. It takes a large portion from Guattari's Three Ecologies which basically argues that the world is divided into:


a. environmental ecologies (how we relate to the world/enviro.)

b. social ecology (social science, etc.) and

c. mental ecology (the psyche yo.)


Now this makes sense because an ecology is simply systems in which the elements of the system relate to each other and how they relate to each other. Socially we have an ecology, environmentally we have an ecology, and mentally we relate to the world and affect it.


He argues that things will go down because all ecologies are interrelated. The social is impacted by mental and environ. and vise versa, etc. etc. It requires you to contextualize the K to make it make the most sense in terms of the aff, but the basic argument is this:


1. Links:


i. Original Argument: The aff attempts to control/striate/stabilize the ocean (nature, ecology, etc.) which divorces us from the flux of nature and creates a human/nature divide. Each link is a little different but basically there are two main arguments:


a. The fact the aff is acting ONTO the ocean or saving it or securing something puts them in a position above and removed from nature itself. This distinction makes that divide. It is also the reason that the three ecologies now can't be fixed together.


b. On that note, the three ecologies are now not able to be dealt with together because we're using a. the state, b. large scale movements, c. we're distinct from nature. This is also why no perms work.


ii. Now most of the link pieces of evidence also have links to capitalism and the use of the state, which offer interesting scenarios that's can be isolated throughout the debate. These elements also allow for great block responses to common add arguments.


2. Impacts:


i. Extinction - The only way that major violence and oppresion, war, etc. happens is if all ecologies are dealt with together. Otherwise violence in one will spill over. These warrants are incredible in the evidence.


ii. No Impact to Death - The control and security/stability of the aff forces us to follow that value system to its extreme - To stop that which creates flux and instability (the true nature of everything.) This leads towards a suicidal tendancy towards control and stopping the human element. Think the Voluntary Extinction Society (for environmental stability) or wars we fight in names of security leading to nukes. Security leads to destroying that which is insecure, and eventually ourselves. When we want death then the impacts of the aff are irrelevant.


iii. Macropolitics Bad - This is where the state stuff comes in. EVEN if they prove they solve their aff, their lack of fixing all three ecologies together inevitably leads back to their impacts. In fact, state action often messes up and complicates problems because it isn't adaptive enough to solve over the large earth. Basically try or die for the K.


iv. Capitalism DA - this follows DnGs basic arguments about capitalism, but integrates them in relation to the Three Ecologies and the aff.


v. Expenditure DA - Only understanding and embracing the sheer flux and instability and release/expenditure of nature stops it from building up and exploding. Energy is meant to be spent, not accumulated. This relates intimately with the cap. args of Bataille and DnG... to be frank, this scenario is only okay, but it's an element that'll win the debate if dropped. Above all the evidence on this question is just great. It is literally one of the best pieces of evidence that articulates this argument. However, this is no where close to the crux of the argument, so it is not developed heavily in this k.


f. Try or Die for the alt - The world is completely going to collapse RIGHT NOW - The aff can't solve every scenario that can happen tomorrow - The only chance to even solve the aff is the alt.


3. Alternative:


While I have provided several alternates which can correlate with different affs, I'd say generally go with the micropolitical ecology one. It's awesome. Basically, it's what Guattari calls for in Three Ecologies. We need to recognize all three ecologies and work at all of them as they interconnect all at the same time in micropolitical, local stuggles. The comparative evidence for micro/local politics vs. macro sovereign state politics in terms of the three ecologies is REALLY hot. It contextualizes the criticism's alternative in relation to specific macro policies and warrants out, line by line, why the alternative is better and solves the aff.


That being said, it is definitely a floating PIK. You can definitely solve the aff, solve back the bad parts of capitalism, solve back oceans etc. The only question is sequencing. They say state. We say micropolitical action - Solves the mental, the social, and the environmental ecologies. This leads to BETTER state action, because it started at the right level with the right things in focus (the three ecologies.) Also a reason the K is super strategic, it just becomes a sequencing argument that they can't perm without severing and a lot of try or dies.






Read First






Environmental Policy 1NC


2NC Impacts


Strange Ecology 1NC


Eco-Capitalism 1NC


Environmentalism à Capitalism


2NC Solvency




Animal Metaphors


Animal Rights


Avoiding the Human








Conservation Movements


Cruise Ships


Deep Ecology




Ecological Goals










Oceanic Control


Oceanic Development


Oceans Generic


Parks/ Reserves


Returns to Nature


Sedative Discourse


Singular Goals


















Turns Case


Capitalism Impacts


Environmental Destruction/ Nationalism


No Value






Hierarchy/ debt


Control/ biopower


War Machine




No value to life




Desiring death


Did it all/ AT impact turns




Micropolitical Ecology


AT// Aff Solves Specific Problem


AT// Not Instantaneous


AT// Pragmatism


AT// Utopian




Solves Capitalism


Solves Desire


Solves State


State à Extinction


State Guts Solvency


Turns Kritikal Cases


Key to Politics


Macropolitics < Micropolitics




Solves Best




Violently Deterritorialize


Solves Heidegger


Solves State


2NR Tricks


2NR Desire Framing


2NR No Impact to Death




AT// Roleplaying


AT// Utopian


Desire First


Solvency Deficit – Desire


Solvency Deficit – Sequencing


Micropolitics à Better Education


AT// Cede the Political


AT// VtL Stuff


AT// Threats Real


AT// Democracy Checks


AT// Extinction First


AT// Cap good


AT// Consequentialism




AT// Darwin


AT// Death Drive


AT// Infinite Regression


AT// Perm – Both


AT// Rhizomatics of Domination


AT// No Specific Solvency


AT// Environmentalism Bad


AT// Modern Eco/Science


AT// “No Specific Scenarios”


AT// Technology Good


AT// Vitalism Bad


AT// Human/Nature Divide Good


AT// Environment Doesn’t Matter


AT// Alternative Ends in Genocide etc.


AT// DnG = Madness


AT// Scientists Prove Deleuze Wrong (Ev Indict)


AT// DnG Coopted by Cap


AT// Chaos Turns


AT// Pol Pot


AT// Fight Club Turn


AT// DnG Use Binaries




AT// Post-Modernism Bad for Indigenous Peoples


AT// “Schizophrenics are suffering”


AT// Schizo = Totalitarianism


AT// Structuralism


AT// Subjectivity Bad/Become the Object


AT// Masochism


AT// Barbrook


AT// Psychoanalysis


AT// Jameson


AT// Cohen


AT// Connolly


AT// Conway


AT// Fasching


AT// Heidegger


AT// Kettles


AT// Kurasawa


AT// Levinas


AT// May


AT// Schell


AT// Spivak


Affirmative Answers




Becoming-Animal Bad


Eco-Equality Bad


Rhizomes Bad


Vitalism Bad




Perm – Do Both

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Yall can comment or PM me. I was going to use this to coach a team, but UChicago involves too much work for double majors.


If yall don't have $10 or magic cards, just PM me. I love helping smaller programs and would be happy to learn your story and help you out for free. I also have several resources to help you learn the argument, as well as several other backfiles, Ks, and books to help with you critical education.

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Yeah. Basically. Haha I just love the game.


And hell no to the grizzly bear. A Runeclaw bear though, now that's a bear I can make stronger with magic. If take that. And a savage punch to a Bears face.

About the magic cards, would 10 basic lands suffice? If that doesn't work how about a Grizzly Bear? /s

In seriousness, are we talking $10 dollars worth in magic cards?

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