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Congrats to Shawnee Mission West HH on winning the Varsity division over Hall SS.


In Novice Semis Barstow HG defeated Blue Valley S.W. HuHa 

and Blue Valley W. GN defeated Blue Valley S.W. HeHo


In Finals right now Barstow HG is debating Blue Valley W. GN with a panel of Dickerson, Valdez, and Williams


In the DCI/TOC Division Partial Doubles, advancing without debating:

Barstow RS

Blue Valley S.W. DG

Blue Valley S.W. FH

Hutchinson CS

Jenks RD

Jenks SJ

Little Rock Central BG

Little Rock Central WW

Shawnee Mission East WM

Shawnee Mission East DW

Sumner GT

Wichita East BK


Doubles Debates:

Shawnee Mission East MD advanced over Hutchinson HS

Millard North HP advanced over Hutchinson CH

Barstow FM advanced over Olathe N.W. MS

Blue Valley N. KR advanced over Shawnee Mission East MB


That sets up the following Sweet 16 Debates (and earning a DCI bid for all Kansas teams--YAY!!!)


Blue Valley S.W. DG vs Little Rock Central WW--Nelson, Katz, Yost

Blue Valley S.W. FH vs Shawnee Mission East MD--Bankey, Wren, Bhatla

Hutchinson CS vs Millard North HP--Maurer, Gillette, Talia Smith

Jenks RD vs Blue Valley North KR--Rubaie, Goh, Miles

Little Rock Central BG vs Sumner GT--Brown, Gilbert, Murphy

Shawnee Mission East WM vs Barstow RS--Reed, Carlson, Brennan

Shawnee Mission East DW vs Barstow FM--Birzer, Cook, MacDonald

Wichita East BK vs Jenks SJ--Carey, Magariel, Clevenger



DCI/TOC Division:

1st--Ali Dastjerdi--S.M.E.

2nd--Mylan Gray--Sumner

3rd--Henry Walter--S.M.E.

4th--Yash Kamath--Wichita East

5th--Jacob Hegna--Blue Valley SW

6th--Riley Crane--Hutchinson

7th--Josh Smith--Barstow

8th--Payton Woods--Little Rock C.

9th--John D'Onofrio--Jenks

10th--Justin Reinking--Jenks


Varsity Division

1st--Arontae Smith--Hall

2nd--Asia Stewart--Hall

3rd--Chebet Buckner--Lincoln Prep

4th--Andy Hui--SMW

5th--Anisa Nash--Lincoln Prep


Novice Division

1st--Bill Huang--Barstow

2nd--Andrew McArthur--Little Rock Central

3rd--Max Gong--Barstow

4th--Jessica Morgan--Little Rock Central

5th--Danish Khan--Blue Valley SW


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Elite 8 is underway at KCKCC




Blue Valley S.W. FH vs Blue Valley S.W. DG


Jenks RD vs Little Rock C. BG---CJ Clevenger, Hunter Goh, Chris Carey


Millard N. HP vs Jenks SJ---Tim Quinn, Chris Miles, Brian Rubaie


Shawnee Mission East DW vs Barstow RS---Ian Wren, Jared Zuckerman, Michael Yost

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The Final 4 is happening now.


Congratulations to Jenks on closing out one of the Semis brackets and guaranteeing themselves a bid to the TOC.


Jenks RD vs Jenks SJ


Blue Valley S.W. FH vs Shawnee Mission East DW--Panel of Michael Yost, Brendon Bankey, Brian Rubaie

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Final Round is


Jenks RD vs Shawnee Mission East DW--Panel of David Magariel, Chris Birzer, and Chris Miles


Congrats to both Jenks RD and SME DW on earning bids to the TOC!

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