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DNG Aff?

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Check out this awesome new aff one of my friends that went to a camp in Hawaii sent me.

A. Interpretation - the earth is a 4-sided time cube - the plan text has to specify which side the plan passes on

Ray, No Date [Dr. Gene, Cubic and Wisest Human. “Time Cube.†www.timecube.com
you realize that a 4 corner
square rotating 1/4 turn creates a full
circle? A full rotated square will create
16 corners, 96 hours and 4 simultaneous
24 hour Day circles within only a single
imaginary cubed Earth roation. This
amounts to a spiraling quad helix of
Earth as it revolves around the Sun -
rotating as it revolves around the Sun,
to induce the value of the Sun revolving
about the Earth.

B. Violation - they fail to specify what side the plan passes on

C. Standards

1. Education - 
I can call singularity educators the most 
putrid name on Earth and claim they eat 
cow-dung ambrosia, but the lying ass 
bastards will not even object - for they 
know I am right and that any debate will 
indict them for the evil they perpetuate 
against the students and future humanity.

2. Ground - I lose links to side-specific DAs and counterplans

D. Voting issue

1. Jurisdiction - you lose automatically because
You do not have the freedom
to discuss/debate Time Cube.

2. Death - 

Ashtar is the spiritual figure for the alien races waging an interstellar war that includes the Sol system [that's ours]. The negative consults Ashtar as a counterplan to solve war and violence and oppression, especially within these races. You can think of Ashtar like an alien Jesus Christ [in fact, some authors directly state that]. Here's a potential 1nc shell, but I'm sure the WGLF has a much better one:

Text: The USFG should engage in binding consultation with Lord Ashtar over <the plan>.

accepting Lord Ashtar as the ultimate authority is the only way to save our freedom and avoid nuclear war
Metatron on March 18
 (2011, “Metatron on Supermoon Cosmic Wave Energies Pouring into Equatorâ€, Human microphone: Madelaine, Galactic Free Press, http://soundofheart....pouring-equator)
Saturn lends its light magnifying the effects greatly. What role does Saturn play? At Saturn we have the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds Court in this Solar System. This is called the Solar Tribunal. Lord Ashtar has stated many times there is a sequential flow of events that must take place before change over to Zero Point. The first is the arrests of the Intergalactic War Criminals. As the Citizens of Earth risk their lives to demand FREEDOM, it indicts the actions of the disreputable Monarchs and Puppet Governments of Earth. These relationships have been nurtured by the controlling families who have tried to control and reduce the population of Earth. These same Intergalactic War Criminals are now being stopped. It had to be a consensus among the Women, Children and Men of Each Country, the honorable White Knights moving into position to lead new government and the rest of the worldwide Community. It was only through more attacks and the bravery of the Ones in the Streets could we have a worldwide consensus. This is due to the Ones still hoping to stay in power working against the White Knights and the Greatest Good of All. The veil has thinned and their feeble grabs at power are becoming obvious even to the most sleepy. Lord Ashtar has also said, No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes. What does it mean? The date at which the Galactic Federation decloaks all its Ships at once around the world is determined by the Citizens of Earth, not by the Galactics. The Citizens of Earth have been told many times, as have their Government Leaders that an end of the potential of Nuclear Destruction on Earth was a requirement. The Government Leaders who want to control Earth, not all of them, the dark Ones, kept their power by not following this requirement. For them, complying means they are arrested and possibly face second death. They would do anything to avoid getting rid of Nukes. 

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