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As best I can piece together: 



SME Dastjerdi/Walter d. Manhattan Bashaw/Zhu (6-1)



SME Dasterjerdi/Walter d. Hutch (Crane/Sain?)

Manhattan Bashaw/Zhu d. SME Mehta/Dinakar



Manhattan Bashaw/Zhu d. Hutch (Huxman/Schartz?)

Also dropping in quarters: BVN Jerwick/Lindsey, Wichita East Bye/Kamath, BVW Sharma/Melookaran.


Don't know the quarters bracket due to 4/5 both being Hutch, so the bracket was broken. Assuming 3/5, 4/6, that would mean SME DW > BVW SM; SME MD > WEast BK; Manh BZ > Hutch SH; Hutch CS > BVN JL. 


Nonbreaking bids: 

SME Werner/Mitchell

BVW Bajwa/Birzer

ONW Michie/Smith

BVN Khalif/Ramasamy

Kapaun Scott/Cornejo

Free State Prescher/Liu

Newton Cassil/McCloud

BV Prakash/Gunnar

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