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Policy Debate Coach Needed

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Hello debate community,

I will be a senior and co-captain of the policy debate team at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Alexandria, Virginia). We are a small to medium sized debate team that has recently become a top contender in our regional/state circuit and has seen increasing success on a national scale. Unfortunately, our coach has just recently left us and we are looking for someone would be willing to coach our team. Please PM me if you are interested. Pay is negotiable.

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I would post something in the forums of NDT/CEDA.  The audience here is mostly high schoolers...the audience there is actually people in college debate and coaching college debate.


Surely there is someone who debates in the NOVA or DC area that would be willing to coach on weekends they weren't supposed to be debating. 


You might want to be very clear about expectations....

1) available weekends

2) actual week to week coaching

3) any evidence to be cut



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