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The Shockingly Small DA Ground for Oceans

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How are teams going to adapt (assuming it's a policy round) to the lack of sustainable DA ground on this topic? 


Due to the sheer enormity of the world's oceans, the only link-able affs would be things that have generic links (I;E - PTX/Spending) or impact-based links (I;E - Hege bad, Renewables bad). So far on Open Ev the camps have been reflecting this by mainly posting DA's only applicable to affs that were there during the sessions, but I suppose we'll have to wait and see on that. But I digress, unless an aff is going to directly affect the U.S on a massive scale (A plan happening in the waters surrounding the U.S), any plan happening in foreign waters for any reason besides resource extraction are going to have little to no linkable arguments.

Debate is adaptation. I'm glad the DA ground is less broad. That means we will have more REAL debates on specific links. I generally am writing 2-4 new DA's each tournament every time I hit or hear about a different case. Hopefully we'll see more and more debates with original, specific linked evidence instead of the same generic garble. 

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