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So I am going into my second year of debate, and am currently at a great debate camp, but I keep running into the same question that no one ever answers.  In a practice debate, the other team put a "deterrence fails" card at the bottom of their block in answer to my DA.  My instinct (because it directly responded to my impact), was to put my answer to it before the line-by-line on the impact o/v.  The judge treated this as a pretty big mistake (to my surprise) but didn't tell me where to put it afterwards.  I assume that I should put it on the line-by-line, but then how do I do warrant and evidence comparison effectively overall, without doing it twice, both in the impact o/v and on the line-by-line?


Thanks for all your help!



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Overview is for conceded things. That's your guide. You can say "deterrence works" on the line by line without taking away from your impact calc or whatever.

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