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Could some one please explain the main idea and how it would relate to next years topic for each of the following Ks?








Thanks in advance for the help.

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Security - the aff constructs threats.  Depending on the version run, the impact is either that our construction of a threat causes that threat (generally in terms of IR and heg type impacts), that the representations of crises cede our agency and enable totalitarianism (things like pretty much the entire War on Terror, particularly the NSA data-gathering stuff), or that representations of urgent crises trade off with structural violence (Cuomo and Kato, for example).  The links are almost entirely based on the affs framing of their impacts, so next year's security Ks will look almost identical to this year's.


Anthro -  There are two main ways I've seen to run it.  The first claims all matter is ethically equivalent, meaning there's no impact to the aff because nonliving matter and living matter are the same (this is commonly summarized as "Rocks are people too."), and fear of death constructs humans as superior to nature, which justifies doing whatever we want to nonhumans and means we can also justify doing whatever we want to humans, so long as we construct them as less human (there's a lot of literature talking about this in the context of colonialism and Nazism, in particular).  Because this version gets so many links from fear of death, it won't actually need to change much for the oceans topic.

The second version is that the affs focus on human suffering obscures the oppression of animals built into our culture.  This version mostly links to K affs, and frequently ends up as a method K or a reps K (particularly out of dehumanization impacts) that goes for a bunch of root cause args and tends to become some form of floating PIK by the 2nr.  Because its primary strategic utility is against affs that don't affirm the rez, I'm not sure how this would change, if at all, on the neg, though it will probably be run on the aff as a K of development.


Development Ks, as I've seen them, generally are in the context of developing nations, not natural resources.  I imagine that some teams will use this as a link to a reps K with an anthro impact talking about how development discourse constructs nature as passive or something like that.  I'm pretty sure the topicality thread in the oceans topic had some discussion of how development Ks might be used next year.

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Anthro is short for anthropocentrism. Anthropocentrism means "human-centered". Anthro is an ethical framework that prioritizes the needs of humans vs. Nonhumans. There are several impacts to this

1) daily genocide and slaughter of millions of Nonhumans every day.

2) anthro is the foundation of all violence against other humans.

Let's take the term dehumanization. Generally racism, sexism, and other isms require that the victim be perceived as than human. This is fundamentally anthropocentric since since it presupposes that Nonhumans are worth less than humans.


Because of this, anthro is usually run against k affs, since the alternative (usually "envision human extinction") usually solves for the impact.

Unfortunatly the biggest drawback to this argument is the weakness of the link. Oftentimes the link will boil down to "you didn't talk about animals" which means there has to be some serious contextualization in the block. On the plus side it is ultra generic and is a pretty decent fallback strategy against a k aff that you're not prepared for.

If this is inaccurate in any way please tell me so I can change it

Also-what do you mean by "development"?

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