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Intro to Heidegger

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If you have decent experience reading critical lit, go with being and Time, otherwise there's a lot of introductory authors that can give you a decent basis in Heidy before you move on to it.



Cambridge Introduction (book):



Gonzaga Introduction (free pdf):



Lecture Transcript on Being and Time(free pdf):



Hope this helps

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Pro tip: if you want to know if there's a pdf of a book, Google "title" PDF or .pdf and then, you know, check the results.

Or add 

filetype: pdf

to the google search, automatically filters out any non-pdf links.

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There is a link to the lectures by Hubert Dreyfuss on Being and Time somewhere on this site. This is where you should start. He can walk you through as much of Being and Time as you want to go through.


I also think background knowledge of Derrida or Butler can give you MUCH context.

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