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*Adaptation Turn - Price Cut

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File Name: *Adaptation Turn - Price Cut

File Submitter: roarkdebate16

File Submitted: 14 May 2014

File Category: Impacts


This file is a nuanced impact turn strategy vs warming advantages. The argument is simply that we are already past the tipping point and it's too late to stop the pace of climate change. The only thing we can really do to survive is adapt. This aff tradesoff with both focus and resources neccessary to prepare civilization for adaptation strategies. Reasons this strategy is particularly cool -

a. zero risk the aff solves
b. adaptation turns and solves their impacts while avoiding resource crunch
c. it is perfectly compatible with other popular impact turns such as C02 fertilization

File has extensions through the negative block and is almost completed highlighted. Get it while it's hot.

Adaptation DA.. 1
1nc. 2
2nc ov. 6
2nc – too late/defense. 9
2nc – too late/defense (C02 Inev) 11
2nc – uq. 14
2nc – uq – at: no new tech. 17
2nc – link. 18
2nc – link – renewables**. 20
2nc – link – growth. 21
2nc – adaptation shields impact 22
2nc – agriculture. 26
2nc – agriculture – co2 shield. 27
2nc – econ. 28
2nc – hurricanes**. 29
2nc – at: warming too fast 31


Click here to download this file

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