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Flint Hills NFL/PFD April 15

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7th- (3-2) 9 ballots, Brandon Gunn, Wa-Ru

6th- (3-2) 11 ballots, Grice, Manhattan

5th- (4-2) 10 ballots, Blush, Silver Lake

4th- (5-2) 15 ballots, Lucas Lux, Topeka High

3rd- (5-2) 15 ballots, Paul Mose, E-Town

*2nd- (6-1) 15 ballots, Dan Thompson, Topeka High

*1st- (6-1) 17 ballots, Kye Barker, Topeka High


Heres the messed up story here. Kye has a summer engagement so will not go, that gives the qual spot to me. I really don't want to go, because last year it was kinda boring. There is a 99% chance I will give up my spot to Lux in favor of staying home/ senior road trip.


Puff Debate


7th- (1-2) 4 ballots, Lyn and Meyer, Manhappenin

6th- (1-2) 5 ballots, Roland and Hurlocker, E-Town

5th- (2-2) 6 balllots, Neis and Vandy, T-High

4th- (3-2) 9 ballots, Madden and Fredickson, Wa-rizzle

3rd- (4-2) 12 ballots, Cowrey and Evely, T-High

2nd- (5-1) 11 ballots, Shraeder Twins, Wa-Ru

1st- (5-1) 11 ballots, Ast and Defenbaugh, Wa-Ru


The second place team are twins and first years :eek: They will be good in year to come


Congrats to all that qualified.


Also, the second place team actually threw a round when they hit, I believe, Madden and Fredickson because they'd helped them out a lot, and they were seniors. I'm actually pretty surprised that they broke, considerning that they were 0-3 in PFD going in to nat. quals.


Congrats to them, even though they're not on cross-x. Hella fine job.

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1st: Sarah Bellows-Blakely (t-high) defers for debate

2nd: Gail Lee (manhattan)*

3rd: Sam Proctor (manhattan)*




1st: Rachel Buck (t-high) defers for debate

2nd: Erica Wurst (manhattan)*

3rd: Tom Rosen (t-high) defers for debate

4th: Shruti Challa (t-high) defers for oo

5th: Denise Williams (waru)*




1st: Ryan Ellis (manhattan)*

2nd: Shruti Challa (t-high)*



1st: Robbie Fowler (t-high)*

2nd: Mary Beth Rader (slake)*



1st: Emporia*

2nd: Nathan Peterson (t-high)*




1st: Slake*

2nd: Owen/Zeller (waru)*

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