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Carbon Tax CP - Price Cut**

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File Name: Carbon Tax CP - Price Cut**

File Submitter: roarkdebate16

File Submitted: 31 Mar 2014

File Category: Counterplans

Resolution: Oceans


This file is an advantage CP to solve global warming advantages and any affs that claim to bolster the renewable energy market. I cut this originally for the college energy topic (undefeated when we went for it) and have updated it with 2014 evidence.

Given that global warming is almost certain to be one of the biggest advantages on next year’s Oceans topic, this file is a must-have. The solvency cards are fantastic, seriously a silver-bullet against any warming adv’s. Included are a variety of versions of the CP that have never been read (to account for potential DA’s/to bolster politics shields) and extensive 2NC blocks to answer every possible arg you will hear in response.

In terms of the net benefit, you can go for any DA specific to oceans exploration/development. Additionally, the politics shields are very solid.

FYI section includes a general overview of how a carbon tax would be implemented.

Carbon Tax CP. 1
Overview.. 3
Top-Shelf 5
1nc text – fee + dividend. 6
1nc text – sin tax. 7
1nc – warming. 9
2nc – warming. 10
1nc – oil 13
1nc – laundry list (longer*). 14
1nc – laundry list (short). 17
2nc – other countries/economists. 18
Solvency Extensions. 19
Solves – Warming. 20
Solves – Warming/Oil Consumption. 25
Solves – Modeling**. 26
Solves – International Coop. 29
Solves – Oil Dependence. 30
Solves – Oil Prices/Dependence. 32
Solves – Coal/Natural Gas/Nuke Power. 33
Solves – Agriculture. 34
Solves – Disease/Invasive Species. 35
Solves – Energy Extraction. 36
Solves – Renewables/Efficiency. 37
Solves – Econ. 41
Solves – Econ (Jobs). 42
Solves – Competitiveness/Heg. 43
Solves – Soft Power/Heg***. 44
Revenue-Neutral Solvency. 45
Phased Solvency. 46
Politics Shields. 47
Avoids Politics. 48
Avoids Politics – Fee + Dividend EXTN.. 54
Avoids Politics – Obama No Push EXTN.. 55
Avoids Politics – Internal Change EXTN.. 57
Avoids Politics – Consensus/No PC EXTN.. 58
Avoids Politics (Public Supports). 60
2NC NB – Coercion. 61
Neg – 2NC AT: 63
AT: Carbon Leakage. 64
AT: Border Tax X WTO.. 67
AT: Trade Deficit/Competitiveness. 71
AT: Implementation Issues/Delay. 72
AT: Ineffective/No Solve Consumption. 74
AT: Consistency/Politics. 75
AT: Transition Bad. 76
AT: Econ Turns. 77
AT: Manufacturing. 79
AT: Consumers. 80
AT: Low Income/Poor People. 82
AT: Oil Shocks Turn. 83
AT: Oil Markets. 84
AT: Hurts Energy-Intensive Consumers/Industries. 85


Click here to download this file

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