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Debate Institutes at Dartmouth

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The DDI is filling up fast this summer. A few reasons you should apply soon!


Small Classes Our classes are capped at 24 students with a 1:8 teacher-student ratio or better. Every member of the teaching staff is in class every day.
Highly Qualified Staff Our entire teaching staff is comprised of college graduates who have dedicated their careers to teaching and coaching. You’ll have a chance to work with the coaches of many of the best college debate programs in the country.
Argument Diversity We have instructors that specialize in policy, critical, and non-traditional arguments. Students can choose arguments that interest them to research and practice at the institute tournament.
You Choose Our core philosophy for 30 years has been that large lectures work for no one and the only person who knows what you need to learn is YOU. With our more than a dozen electives, you get to choose your course of study. Want to focus on Kritiks? On the Politics DA? On Decoloniality? Or need to focus on flowing? You create a dynamic curriculum that suits your needs. Our elective system allows us to choose classes that best fit your needs and ensures you have access to all members of the teaching staff.
Skills and Strategy The DDI’s unique competitive lab structure promotes constant strategizing against other labs’ arguments before and during the tournament. This year, we’re adding even more early and structured skills practice with immediate feedback.
Fun and Friendships for Life Any alum will testify to our uniquely close-knit and collaborative community. Year after year, students leave our institute with a lifetime of memories and a close network of friends.



Join us and be a part of one of our great labs


Michael Antonucci (Harvard) & David Weston (New Trier)

Chris Crowe (Cal-Berk) & Tracy McFarland (Jesuit)

Sean Kennedy (U of Kansas) & Dylan Quigley (Harvard)

Mikaela Malsin (UGA) & Lindsey Shook (James Madison)

Ken Strange (Dartmouth) & Nicole Wanzer-Serrano (Dallas)


To read more about our labs, check out our staff bios.



Financial aid is still available. Apply now!


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The Debate Institutes at Dartmouth has just produced its starter T file. It's done by Ken Strange, Director of Debate at Dartmouth College and widely known as the master of all issues related to T (as well as to really all issues related to debate).




Scroll to the bottom of the page. 

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