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TFA State Breaks and Shoutouts for tomorrow!

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Just want to congratulate two of our admins, Jacob from Midway high school (jacobstime) and Daniel (dancon) from Monsignor Kelly on  breaking at TFA State! I wish them all the best tomorrow. Both of them (and their partners) are incredibly hard working debaters that I know will go far! Also want to give a special shoutout to Bellaire BN, Austin SFA (Pennyfeather) and all the other cross-x users that broke, there's no doubt in my mind you all are truly the best Texas has to offer! 


Breaks List



Policy Debate Double Octo-Finalists (Unseeded Alpha order)

Austin SFA EE (Alex Estrada & Joseph Estrada)
Bellaire NB (Aman Narayan & Aaron Birenbaum)
Cedar Ridge PR (Emma Pabst & Quaram Robinson)
Clear Lake GH (Sina Ghodsi & Michael Hsu)
Coppell BJ (Matthew Ballard & Amir Javeri)
Coppell ON (Joseph Overman & Mustafa Neemuchwala)
Coppell PS (Nikhil Purohit & Rohan Sakalkale)
Crosby LZ (Ashley Lance & Nelson Zepeda)
Grapevine SJ (Connor Smith & Kenny Johng)
Grapevine SU (Graysen Stille & Gabriel Uceda)
Greenhill DJ (Sohum Daftary & Ricardo Jaramillo)
Greenhill ML (Lindsey Mahomes & Martin Li)
Greenhill MR (Michael Meng & Nikhil Ranganathan)
Hebron CL (Athena Chen & Chris Lopez-Araiza)
Hendrickson TG (Travis Tiffany & Anshuman Gupta)
Houston Memorial CM (George Chen & Trent McGuinness)
Jesuit College Prep FP (James Ferrara & Jackson Pyke)
Jesuit College Prep TW (Brice Tsao & Adam Wiechman)
Katy Taylor AL (Zaki Alattar & Albert Li)
Katy Taylor BK (Spencer Brents & Ajith Kumar)
Katy Taylor DK (Ishani Desai & Joel Kim)
Kinkaid BR (Rikki Bleiweiss & Reece Rosenthal)
Kinkaid BY (Sabrina Bajwa & Sita Yerramsetti)
Kinkaid RR (Arjun Reddy & Sam Richey)
Liberal Arts BC (Eli Barrish & Isaac Cui)
Liberal Arts SY (Yesha Shah & Justin Yoon)
Midway BH (Jacob Bell & Hunter Hall)
Monsignor Kelly CF (Daniel Conrad & Thomas Flanagan)
Reagan GH (Melissa Gayton & Shaneal Harun)
Reagan WP (Christopher Whitehair & Adam Paarmann)
Westwood BC (Sam Bhagwandin & Alvin Chen)
Westwood JR (Varun Jaladi & Varun Reddy)
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Congrats to all the teams who broke! 


                   Octofinals Debates 

    AFF                                           NEG

Austin SFA EE                  vs.                Reagan WP                       Austin SFA EE 3-0

Houston Memorial CM    vs.                Liberal Arts BC                 Houston Memorial 2-1

Hendrickson TG               vs.                Westwood JR                    Westwood JR 2-1

Greenhill DJ                      vs.                Coppell PS                        Coppell PS 2-1

Coppell ON                       vs.                Monsignor Kelly CF         Monsignor Kelly CF 2-1

Midway BH                        vs.                Kinkaid BR                        Kinkaid BR 3-0

Greenhill MR                    vs.                Coppell BJ                         Greenhill MR 2-1

Cedar Ridge PR              vs.                Greenhill ML                      Cedar Ridge PR 3-0


                Quarterfinals Debates

   AFF                                           NEG

Austin SFA EE                  vs.                Kinkaid BR                         Austin SFA 2-1

Monsignor Kelly CF         vs.               Houston Memorial CM     Monsignor Kelly CF 3-0

Coppell PS                        vs.               Westwood JR                     Westwood JR 3-0

Cedar Ridge PR               vs.               Greenhill MR                      Cedar Ridge PR 3-0


                   Semifinals Debates

    AFF                                          NEG

Austin SFA EE                  vs.                Monsignor Kelly CF          Austin SFA EE 3-0

Westwood JR                   vs.                Cedar Ridge PR                Cedar Ridge PR 2-1



    AFF                                          NEG

Cedar Ridge PR         vs.             Austin SFA EE        Cedar Ridge PR 2-1


Congratulations to our new state champs from Cedar Ridge! And again, congratulations to everyone who broke! 

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