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2014 Cal National Debate Institute

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Please consider joining us in Berkeley this summer. 


The Cal National Debate Institute creates an ideal learning environment by offering:

  • An accomplished, diverse staff selected for their ability to positively motivate students to greater competitive success
  • Access to the facilities and resources of the country's leading public university
  • An emphasis on practice speeches and debates to refine techniques
  • A low student to staff ratio that ensures individualized coaching

Returning faculty members include Jonah Feldman, Jason Peterson, Jon Voss, Abby Schirmer, Mimi Sergent-Leventhal, Mike Shackelford, Chris Crowe, Miranda Ehrlich, Alyssa Lucas-Bolin and Sam Allen.


We have also added Rashad Evans who coached the 2013 NDT and CEDA National Champions and several talented college debaters, including Marquis Ard, Hakeem Muhammad, Srinidhi Muppalla, and John Spurlock, all of whom just received 1st round bids to the college National Debate Tournament.  They all bring a diverse set of argumentative perspectives to the institute.


The 3 week policy camp runs from June 22 – July 12


Details, including faculty bios and prices are available at http://caldebatecamp.com/.  Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions.  We hope you will join us in beautiful California this summer!

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For any student considering attending debate camp this summer, check out the 2015 CNDI


There's a 3 Week (June 21st, 2015 - July 11th, 2015), Theory & Criticism (June 21st, 2015 - July 11th, 2015), and 6 Week CNDI/GDI Swing (June 21st, 2015 - August 2nd, 2015) program, all of which provide intensive instruction for students looking to take their craft to the next level and debate at the upper echelons of national competition.


The staff is phenomenal. One in four college debaters receiving First Round At-Large Bids to the NDT will be teaching here (more than any other camp in the country) along with veteran, history-making coaches who have changed the face of debate. 


Learn the ins and outs of strategic counterplan writing, politics research and the art of surgically precise case hits while also receiving instruction on how to leverage the cutting edge of critical theory incisively through the heart of even the most mercurial affirmative position, all at the country's top public university.


Hope to see you this summer and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

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