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Virilio K

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File Name: Virilio K

File Submitter: FlashMaster

File Submitted: 25 Feb 2014

File Category: Critiques

Resolution: Oceans


Very strategic and simple kritik. It links to almost any aff and has good turns case arguments. Contains block overviews and answers to the generic answers most people will make.

This is a good file to have in your back pocket. You can catch people off-guard or use it as a generic critique when you have nothing else to say.

Table of Contents
Virilio K.. 1

1NC Shell [1/2] 2
1NC Shell [2/2] 3

****LINKS****. 4
Link: Extinction. 5
Link: Disaster Representations. 6
Link: Communications. 7
Link: Communications. 8
Link: Deterrence. 9
Link: Military Technology. 10
Link: Military Technology. 11
Link: Hegemony. 12
Link: Hegemony. 13
Link: Economics. 14
Link: Ecology. 15
Link – Terrorism... 16

*****Impacts*****. 17
Impact – Extinction. 18
Impact – Nuclear War 20
Impact – Totalitarianism... 21
Impact – Ethics. 22
Impact – Value to Life. 23

*****Alternative*****. 24
Alt Solvency – Eschatology. 25
Alt Solvency – Ethics. 26
Alt Solvency – Resistance. 27

2NC/1NR Overview.. 28

*****Other Business*****. 29
AT: Perm... 30
AT: Perm...31
AT: Perm... 32
AT: Realism... 33
AT: Cede the Political 34
AT: Nuke War Outweighs. 35
AT: We Solve War 36


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