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Just out of curiosity, what are your views/opinions on Wildersons alternative towards anti-blackness/racism? Also, what are your views/opinions on debaters who have run the position in the past, do you believe they ran the position well (as in, it was convincing) or what is it a half-assed attempt to win the ballot - a form of false-heroism?


For some background knowledge - Wilderson advocates for the destruction of civil society through an "unflinching paradigmatic analysis."

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Most teams are very passionate about Wilderson, if they run it, so from what Ive seen they are very convincing from a pathos standpoint. That being said, Wilderson is not so different from any other argument. How well it is argued is entirely dependent on the skill of the debater. You will be hard pressed to find a "bad" Wilderson debater, but even if they go 1 off every neg round that doesn't mean they will be great (or even that good) from a logos standpoint.


Some people lose most rounds on it, some people get bids regularly on it, its the debater not the arg.


As far as false-heroism. No. Nobody believes they are actually destroying civil society, although they may very well be changing the debate space.


As far as personal opinions, i hate the arg. In debate, if Wildersons social death claims were legit, we could just ignore the argument and win. Civil society is not irreparably bad, there have been improvements. And the alternative is stupid, civil society is going to burn anytime soon. Pragmatism is empirically successful and it is possible for the white body to respect the black body as an equal. The answer is probably equal educations oppurtunities and things like affirmative action and kick start as well as reeducation in the police force to stop shit like "stop and frisk" and "driving while black". Also, ending the war on drugs would probably help, but what do I know, Im white and havent felt the oppression that the black body has. Thats just my privileged, optimistic, realistic opinion.

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The parameters of the argument make it impossible to provide a meaningful valuation of the philosophy unless you were to simultaneously exist in all three (or at least two) of the ontological spheres set out by Wilderson. It appears to be unfeasible to verify the existence of or the conditions which define an ontological sphere if your material experience is categorically distinct from it. No one observer can meet that qualification - even people of mixed race are thought to inhabit one of these spheres of ontology. 


So I don't really understand how the claim that redness, whiteness, and blackness create absolute distinctions in U.S. society came to be, and I think that there are serious methodological questions which need to be addressed by these writers. 


I think that the "alternative" provided in the literature is extremely difficult to discuss because the writing is highly ambiguous and lacks contextualization (yes, I understand the theoretical justifications for this style, but it is nonetheless problematic when trying to evaluate "burn it down" as a political strategy). Furthermore, because this is a rapidly developing and relatively new area of scholarship, there just isn't a whole lot to read in terms of immediate politics. 


Discussions of whether or not the alternative is "desirable", as opposed to actuatable, are again rendered meaningless by the absolute lack of porosity between those same ontological spheres: It becomes impossible to create either A) an epistemologically sound foundation by which we can access translatable knowledge of the conditions which characterize each sphere pre- and post-revolution, or B ) a weighing mechanism which can compare that knowledge. 


Anyways, these are highly analytic observations and may not be the right way to approach this sort of theory. Regardless, I feel that the field is in need of a unifying, seminal work which addresses some problematic elements of the scholarship which has emerged thus far. 

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