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AT: Wilderson/Anti-Blackness - 2014 - End of Yr Price Cut

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File Name: AT: Wilderson/Anti-Blackness - 2014 - End of Yr Price Cut

File Submitter: roarkdebate16

File Submitted: 21 Feb 2014

File Category: Affirmatives

Resolution: Latin America


This is an updated version of my previous file to answer the Wilderson Kritik (and similar arguments that rely on theories of whiteness/anti-blackness). Changes in this update:

---*New* evidence – including several cards from the past year
---Offense is modularized – makes it easier to select and conceptualize distinct arguments

File should inclue everything you could possibly need to effectively answer this kritik. All of the evidence is A+ quality.

AT: Wilderson---2AC---Must-Read. 3
AT: Wilderson---2AC---Permutation Solvency. 5
AT: Wilderson---Policy Key. 9
AT: Wilderson---Totalizing/Inaccurate. 10
AT: Wilderson---Essentialist. 12
AT: Wilderson---Non-Falsifiable. 13
AT: Wilderson---Ahistorical 15
AT: Wilderson---Agency Turn. 16
AT: Wilderson---Agency Turn---Ext. 18
AT: Wilderson---Ontology Turn. 20
AT: Wilderson---Pessimism Turn. 21
Anti-Blackness Wrong. 22
Consequences Key. 24
AT: Social Death*. 25
Extinction OW... 31
*State Not Always Racist---Wall 32
State Not Always Racist---Ext. 35
State Not Always Racist---Hopelessness Turn. 40
*Not a Root Cause---Wall 41
Not a Root Cause---Ext. 43
AT: Afro-Pessimism- Yes Progress – Clarke. 44
AT: Afro-Pessimism.. 46
AT: Afro-Pessimism.. 47
AT: End America. 49
AT: Revolution – Backlash/Rollback. 50
AT: Revolution – Backlash/Rollback. 51
AT: Revolution – Can’t Solve Domination. 52
Vague Alt Fails – Reed. 53
AT: Author Bias/Epistemology. 55
AT: Ontological Blackness. 56
AT: Reparations. 59
AT: Negativity Alt – hooks. 61
AT: Sexton. 63
K Aff 64
Coalitions – hooks. 65


Click here to download this file

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But, is it highlighted? 


There are a few cards highlighted but most of the file is not. I would recommend you always read entire cards and do original highlighting to both familiarize yourself with the general arguement but also to think in detail about which warrants you want to explain as the debate develops. Yes, it takes longer. But it will be worth it once you are in the debate.

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Bump - just had a slight price cut. If you have any tournaments left this season, especially NDCA and the TOC, this file is a must-have and a steal for only 4.50.


best of luck!

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