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Thursday File 2-6

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File Name: Thursday File 2-6

File Submitter: bencosmef

File Submitted: 06 Feb 2014

File Category: Thursday Files

Resolution: Latin America


This week's Thursday File includes a new immigration reform scenario (plus aff answers), as well as updates for other scenarios.

This week's author is Francisco Becosme, he debated at Wake Forest University where he appeared in the octofinals of Harvard, Texas, and GSU, and was invited to participate in the prestigious Pittsburgh Round Robin. Currently, he is a capitol hill staffer who actually works in this area every day. He has in the past helped the Bronx Science team and has coached numerous successful high school teams.

Thursday File 2-6-2014. 2
Thumpers. 7
Laundry List Thumper. 8
Iran Thumper. 9
Debt Ceiling Thumper. 10
AT: NSA Thumper. 11
Yes Political Capital 12
Immigration Reform.. 13
Neg – Immigration Reform.. 14
1NC Immigration Reform.. 15
Yes Immigration Reform – U 2NC.. 16
Yes Immigration Reform- Obama Signaled Support 18
House GOP Compromise. 19
Yes Immigration Reform- Political Capital Key. 20
Immigration Reform- Overcome Politics. 21
Yes Immigration Reform – AT: Election Year. 22
Yes Immigration Reform - Hispanics. 24
AT Halting Deportation Immigration Thumper. 25
Yes Senate Compromise. 26
Aff- Immigration Reform.. 27
No Immigration Reform- Timing. 28
No Immigration Reform – Obama and Enforcement of Border Security. 30
No Immigration Reform – Republican Political Posturing for Delay. 33
No Immigration Reform – Election Year and Senate Conference. 34
No Immigration Reform – Low Obama Trust 35
No Immigration Reform - Labor. 36
No Immigration Reform- Republican Divisions. 39
No Immigration Reform- Republican Opposition. 41
No Immigration Reform - Obamacare. 42
No Immigration Reform – Timing of Legal Status. 43
No Immigration Reform – Paul Ryan. 44
No Immigration Reform- Obama’s Trust Deficit 45
No Immigration Reform – Primaries will derail 46
No Immigration Reform- Distracts from Obamacare. 47
Obama’s Pol Cap Not Key. 48
Obama Not Pushing. 49
Fast-Track Trade Agreement 50
Yes Fast Trade Trade Agreement 51
AT: Reid Blocks. 52
No Fast Track. 53
Iran Sanctions. 56
No Iran Sanctions. 57
Yes Iran Sanctions – Floor Vote. 61
Debt Ceiling. 63
Yes Clean Debt Ceiling. 64
Minimum Wage Increase. 67
No Minimum Wage. 68
Trade Promotion Authority. 71
1NC. 72
Uniqueness. 74
PC is Key. 76
Impacts. 80
Key to Trade. 81
Key to Jobs. 84
Key to Trade Leadership. 85
Key to Trade Agreement Negotiation. 88
Asian Heg Good – Proliferation. 93
TPA Key to EU Trade Agreement. 95
EU Trade Agreement Key to the Economy. 97
EU Trade Agreement Key to Eurozone. 98
Eurozone Collapse Impact. 99
Eurozone Crisis – Hegemony Impact. 101
Competitiveness. 104
Economic Decline Impact. 106
Aff. 108
No Uniqueness. 109
Obama not pushing for TPA.. 112
TPA Bad – Environment. 113
TPA Bad – Oversight. 116
Immigration. 119
Uniqueness. 120
PC is key. 123
Tea Party Key. 124
No Reform Now.. 125
Minimum Wage. 127
Uniqueness. 128
PC Key. 129
Impacts. 130
A/T Job Loss. 133
Affirmative. 134
Iran Sanctions. 135
Uniqueness. 136
Affirmative. 138
Uniqueness Overwhelms the link. 139
Debt Ceiling. 141
Will pass. 142
Will not pass. 144
Unemployment. 145
Negative General 146
A/T Thumpers. 147
A/T Political Capital 148
Executive Order. 149
Affirmative General 150
No Political Capital 151
Thumpers. 152
Previous Thursday File. 154
Iran DA.. 155
Iran (1nc Shell). 156
Uniqueness Extensions. 158
UQ Wall: Sanctions Won’t Pass Now.. 159
UQ: Obama Has Capital 162
UQ: AT: Obamacare Thumper. 164
UQ: AT: No Vote. 166
UQ: AT: Vote A Long Way Off. 168
UQ: Obama Fighting Off Sanctions Now.. 169
UQ: Congress Pushing For Sanctions Now.. 171
UQ: AT: Israel Lobby Means Congress Won’t Cave. 172
UQ: AT: Veto means UQ overwhelms link. 173
UQ: Obama Veto Will Hold. 175
UQ: Now Key Time. 176
UQ: AT: Centrifuges kill the deal 177
Internal Links. 178
Internal Links: Political Capital Key to Fight Off Supporters. 179
Internal Links: AT: Winners Win. 185
Internal Links: Democrats Key. 186
Internal Links: Votes Can Shift. 187
Impacts. 190
Impacts: Sanctions = War. 191
Impacts: Iran Prolif Module. 197
Impacts: Iran Prolif Bad. 201
Impacts: AT: Iran will be deterred. 206
Impacts: AT: Sanctions Can Be Waived. 207
Impacts: AT: Iran Will Cheat. 210
Impacts: Sanctions Bad/Diplomacy Works. 211
Impacts: AT: Sanctions Good. 212
Impacts: Diplomacy Succeeding Now.. 217
Impacts: Sanctions Undercut Diplomacy. 219
Impacts: Sanctions Empower Hardliners. 222
Impacts: Can Trust Rouhani 225
Impacts: AT: Khamenei, not Rouhani, is in charge. 226
Impacts: Deal Solves. 227
Impacts: Sanctions Kill Unity. 228
Impacts: AT: North Korea Proves Softline Fails. 229
Impacts: AT: Terrorism Turn/Sanctions Stop Iran Support of Terrorists. 230
Impacts: Turn Case Modules. 231
Impacts: Economy. 232
Impacts: Hegemony. 233
Impacts: Laundry List of Countries. 235
Impacts: Middle East War. 236
Impacts: Oil Prices. 238
Impacts: Proliferation. 239
Impacts: Syria Module. 240
AFF Answers. 243
Iran Answers (2ac Front-Line). 244
1ar: No Vote. 248
1ar: Political Capital Useless. 249
1ar: No Capital 250
1ar: Obamacare Thumper. 251
1ar: No War. 254
AFF Answers—Iran Prolif Answers. 255
Sanctions Good Impact Turns (2ac Front-Line). 256
Immigration Reform NEG Updates. 259
Immigration Reform Shell 260
UQ Wall: Immigration Reform Will Pass Now.. 264
UQ: Now Key Time. 266
UQ: AT: Only Piecemeal Reform Will Pass. 267
UQ: AT: Amnesty Provisions Doom Bill 268
UQ: Serious Commitment to IR Now.. 269
UQ: AT: Obama will pass it by executive order. 270
Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Economy. 271
Immigration Reform AFF Answers (2ac). 272
1ar: Obama Not Pushing Immigration Reform.. 274
1ar: Immigration Reform Won’t Pass Now.. 275
Debt Ceiling Answers (2ac). 276
1ar: Extensions: UQ Overwhelms link. 278
Midterms Answers. 279
TPP AFF Answers. 281
Unemployment Benefits Answers. 282


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