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Scholarship Opportunities at UMKC

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The University of Missouri-Kansas City has several scholarships still available for students interested in intercollegiate competitive debate. UMKC is a nationally competitive policy debate program located out of Kansas City.  UMKC won 3 CEDA national championships in the 1990s, and has cleared a team to the elimination rounds of the NDT 8 out of the last 15 years.  UMKC debate has an open door policy, traveling debaters of all levels of experience and success.  They have also cleared teams to the elimination rounds of national tournaments from all across the argumentative spectrum: policy teams, critique teams, and non-traditional/performative teams.  UMKC finished 2nd place at the 2007 National Debate Tournament.


UMKC debate also has a stellar record of getting students into successful graduate programs.  UMKC alumni have gone to places such as: Columbia law, Baylor Law, University of Illinois graduate school, Ohio State University graduate school, Kansas State, and many others.  Additionally, UMKC has several nationally ranked undergraduate programs including a top 10 business school, a top-tier school of education, and several schools in the engineering/computer science fields.


Students wishing to debate are eligible for out-of-state tuition waivers, and partial tuition -reimbursement, ranging from 1/3 -1/2.  We have several still available, but the deadline to apply is soon. 


Here is a link to the team application:  http://umkcdebate.com/team-application/


Here is a link to the university application:  http://www.umkc.edu/apply/


The deadline on our largest scholarship is February 15th.  Additionally scholarships are available after this time, but are lower in amount.  For more information, email the director of debate @ UMKC, Matthew Vega,   vegam@umkc.edu

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