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The UMKC Summer Debate Institute has opened registration for the 2014 summer sessions.


UMKC has had a college debate team since the 1950s.  The summer institute uses the exceptional resources of the UMKC campus to give students a cost effective option, with programs that emphasize preparing debaters for the rigors of the regular season- including teaching them to be self sufficient researchers, scouts, and executors of argument.


UMKC will be offering two programs for policy debate in 2014:  the two week and four week sessions.  The four week lab runs from June 28-July 26, and the two week lab runs from July 12- July 26.  We have rates for residents, and for commuters (very cost effective if you live in the Kansas City area).  


The four week program is run by the Assistant Director of Debate @ UMKC- Malcolm Gordon- and Juan Garcia- former UMKC debater and current Assistant coach at Wayzata High School.  Malcolm Gordon was a 4 time elimination round participant at the prestigious National Debate Tournament, including a 2nd place finish in 2007.  He was also top speaker at major national tournaments including Kentucky and the Cross Examination Debate Association national championship tournament.  He was 10th speaker at the NDT as a junior and 5th speaker as a senior.  Juan Garcia is a 3-time NDT qualifier, including an elimination round appearance in 2012, and qualified to the TOC as a successful high school debater.  He has appeared in the outrounds of nearly every major national tournament in college, and currently coaches for Wayzata high school where he has helped coach teams to TOC qualification.


The four week lab will focus on maintaining a small student-staff ratio, and train students in a full 'mid-season experience.'  This includes emphasis on:  how to scout, how to create new affirmative and negative strategies from scratch, how to prepare strategies for a tournament, how to fill out preference sheets, and how to approach competitive elimination round debate on the regional and national levels.


The two week program will focus on execution- students will do some research, but will also receive an evidence packet upon arrival at the camp.  Check out the website for specific staff descriptions.  Highlights of staff accomplishments include: the coach of the only unified college national champions, winning the CEDA championship and NDT in 2013, debaters who have competed in elimination rounds at major national college tournaments, debaters recognized as a top 16 team in their careers, and multiple coaches of TOC qualifying teams.


Check out www.umkcsdi.com for more information on rates, staff, and program expectations.  We also offer limited financial assistance and group discounts.  Email umkcsdi@gmail.com for more information.

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How kritikal is this camp compared to others, specifically in the midwest?
How many labs are available in both camps and are they divided based on quality of debater/season accomplishment?
What kind of financial aid is available?

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I am not sure how much critical work other camps in the midwest due.  Last year at UMKC approximately half of the 2 week varsity labs had critical affirmatives.  We also focus on developing core topic critiques such as heidegger, foucault, security, and capitalism.  We have not determined the curriculum for this summer's critical research.  The 4 week lab will be focusing on both a critical affirmative and 2 core critiques to run on the neg against policy and critical affirmatives.


Labs are divided based on experience, success, and requests.  The 4 week lab is tailored toward the individual needs of a variety of debaters- since there is a low student : staff ratio, the diversity of opportunities is typically pretty high.


email umkcsdi@gmail.com to inquire about financial aid.

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