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Assistant Public Forum Coach Desired in LA Metro Area

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I'm looking for a public forum debate coach to begin working in February, with training sessions to begin sooner. Compensation for classroom hours is 30 dollars an hour. Compensation for training and prep hours is 20 dollars an hour. In class hours will be approximately 15 a week; limited prep hours. Monthly pay is approximately $2000 a month.

The immediate position lasts from approximately middle of February-June. Additional gigs are available in the summer and the fall, based on the success of the individual hired in this initial position.

The person I want to hire:

1. Is an experienced (and successful) competitor, coach, or both, in flow debate (PF, LD, or Policy). Debate experience can be either in college or high school.

2. Has a college degree.

3. Is highly competitive. I want a coach who's ego is tied up in winning. I don't want someone who's primarily interested in logging their hours and getting their check.

4. Is sincerely interested in learning during training sessions with the director. Unless you are a very experienced teacher and coach, you must be interested in being taught to teach and coach. For the right candidate, who genuinely applies him or herself to learning the complex and difficult craft of teaching, this position offers not only a good paycheck, but also the opportunity to develop the professional skills necessary for long term career success. We run a very successful program; we only want the best coaches and teachers. If you are successfully employed here, and eventually move on, having this position on your resume will mean a lot of interest from prospective employers in the competition speech and debate field.

5. Enjoys working with, and has a good rapport with, middle and high school aged students.

6. Is highly intelligent. This job has a steep learning curve, and I need someone who applies him or herself and learns fast.

7. Is highly conscientious. I need someone with good follow through, both with students and admin. This person should expect to do case work, cut cards, write topic breakdowns, complete evaluations, run practices and scrimmages, teach some non-competition classes, and maintain an ongoing record of debater progress, competition round results, upcoming tournaments and registration, and other such stuff. I'm not looking for someone I must remind about tasks; I'm looking for someone who can, and wants to, take ownership of an array of coaching and teaching responsibilities.

8. Has a good laptop, and has a phone that sends and receives text messages.


We are a very successful program, having won NJFL in both Policy Debate and Public forum in the past couple years.  While the position is primarily coaching Public Forum and working with Middle Schoolers, any LD/Policy experience would be a bonus as I'd like to have someone around that I can bounce ideas off of.


If you're interested, send an email to madgooseentertainment[at]gmail[dot]com and I will refer qualified candidates to my boss.

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