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Thursday File 12-12

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File Name: Thursday File 12-12

File Submitter: bencosmef

File Submitted: 12 Dec 2013

File Category: Thursday Files

Resolution: Latin America


This week's Thursday File was a little delayed because the budget deal was still be debating and the best scenario was unknown for much of the day. In the end given the current state of the budget deal the best scenario for this weekend was Iran sanctions. This week's file updates the scenario.

Iran contains a big external impact to most AFFs. Because Obama is trying to prevent legislation it is much more realistic that he is able to do this in the current political climate. The file is primarily update with all the 1NC and 2NC uniqueness cards from today, and the backfile necessary to run the DA.

This week's author is Francisco Becosme, he debated at Wake Forest University where he appeared in the octofinals of Harvard, Texas, and GSU, and was invited to participate in the prestigious Pittsburgh Round Robin. Currently, he is a capitol hill staffer who actually works in this area every day. He has in the past helped the Bronx Science team and has coached numerous successful high school teams.

Thursday File 12-12
U 1NC. 5
U 2NC. 7
AT Democrats Back from Deal 9
Yes House. 10
Menendez IL. 12
AT Obama Veto. 13
AT: Johnson Shelved Decision. 14
AT: HC Thumper. 15
2NC Impact Overview.. 16
Turns Hegemony. 21
Turns US Credibility. 23
Turns Economy. 24
Central Asia Impact. 26
General Nuclear War Impact. 27
Middle East War Module. 28
Syria Module. 30
Impacts: AT: Iran will be deterred. 33
AT: Can’t Trust Rouhani 34
AT: Deal Fails. 35
AT: Sanctions Won’t Hurt Deal 36
Aff- Iran Sanctions. 40
Aff- Budget Deal 42
No Farm Bill 43
Yes Farm Bill 45
No Immigration Reform.. 46
No Unemployment Insurance Benefits. 49
Aff- Budget Agreement. 50
Last week’s Thursday File. 51
Thursday File – 12/5/13. 52
Farm Bill 55
1NC Shell 56
2NC/1NR Overview.. 59
2NC/1NR Will Pass. 61
PC Key. 63
AT: HC Thumper. 65
Ext – Key to Food Prices. 66
A2: Food Impact Defense. 69
General 72
High Prices Bad – CCP.. 73
Russia Impact. 75
Pakistan Impact. 77
Moral Obligation Impact. 78
US Key to Global Food. 79
Turns Econ. 80
Iran Sanctions. 82
Iran Sanctions—1NC Shell 83
Uniqueness Extensions/Uniqueness. 85
2NC Impact Overview.. 86
Turns Hegemony. 91
Turns US Credibility. 93
Turns Economy. 94
Central Asia Impact. 96
General Nuclear War Impact. 97
Middle East War Module. 98
Syria Module. 100
Impacts: AT: Iran will be deterred. 103
AT: Can’t Trust Rouhani 104
AT: Deal Fails. 105
AT: Sanctions Won’t Hurt Deal 106
General 109
Theory. 110
A2: Bottom of Docket. 111
A2: Do Both. 112
A2: Fiat Takes out Link. 113
A2: Introduction of plan triggers(vote No). 114
A2: K’s of Politics. 115
Generic. 116
Aff. 119
Top Level 120
2AC PC Low/Not Key. 121
PC Low.. 122
Farm Bill 123
Won’t Pass. 124
PC Not Key. 126
Resource Wars Defense. 127
Food Security Defense. 129
Iran Sanctions. 131
New Sanctions Will Pass. 132
2AC Iran Prolif Defense. 134
Ext – No Impact To Prolif. 135
AT: Prolif Emboldens Iran. 136
AT: Prolif Leads to Terrorist Handoff. 137
AT: Prolif Leads to ME Prolif/Spills Over. 138
Immigration. 139
Won’t Pass. 140
A2: PC Key. 141
1AR PC Not Key. 142
Obama PC Not Key. 143
Aging. 144
Agriculture. 146
Biotech. 148
Deficit. 149
India Relations Impact Answers. 152
Latin American Relations Impact. 153
A2: Nye. 155
Science Diplomacy Impact. 156
Skilled Worker Impact Answers. 160
2ac: Skilled Workers Impact Turns. 163
ENDA.. 164
Won’t Pass. 165
AT: Will Pass – Public. 168
No Impact. 169


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