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[Survey] Persuasion theories in competitive debate

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Hey all,


I'm writing a paper for an education class and one the requirements is the use of a survey or primary source. The paper is on the use of theories of persuasion in competitive debate and I thought that a survey of coach's could be useful.


If you are a debate coach with a few minutes to kill, please visit the link below and complete the short survey. All responses are anonymous.


If you are a debater and would like to voice your opinion on the use of persuasion theories in competitive debate, feel free to respond to this post.





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As a tabula rasa judge, I think this is a worthwhile project, and would *love* to hear a debate include a framework defining the nature of persuasion.  But I might be more than a little crazy (and there's a non-zero chance I'd regret wishing for this).

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