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Thursday File 11/14

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File Name: Thursday File 11/14

File Submitter: thedudelacan

File Submitted: 14 Nov 2013

File Category: Thursday Files

Resolution: Latin America


Immigration is nearly dead, and is probably dead for the foreseeable future so I have created 2 possible replacements. First is the Employment Non-discrimination Act or ENDA. This is a bipartisanship da, not a political captial. ENDA is key to stop employment discrimination against those who identify as LGBT. Bipart is key to get the bill to the floor where the evidence is rather conclusive that there is a majority who will vote for the bill. The second DA is an Iran sanctions political capital da. The Obama administration is working on a deal for Iran to stop is nuclear weapons program. There is good reason to think this deal will be done by the end of the month. Both Democrats and Republicans are against providing any significant concessions to Iran, thus they are working on legislation to block Obama from lifting any sanctions and they plan to add more. So in the status quo they can't get sanctions passed, but Obama needs is political capital prevent passage. Plan takes Obama's capital away, sanctions are passed and no Iran deal. I have included the Immigration DA in case you do not want to give up on it. Finally, the file provides many uniqueness answers regarding Obama's ability to influence, or Congress getting anything done.

Author: Donny Peters, Assistant Director of Forensics California State University Fullerton.
Donny has over 12 years coaching experience at the high school and college level. He has coached teams to national success at the novice, JV and Open levels including elimination rounds at CEDA and the NDT.

Thursday File, 11/14
1NC 2
Uniqueness 6
2NC/1NR 7
Bipartisan support 9
A/T Boehner will block 12
ENDA Popular 14
Impacts 15
General 16
ENDA Key 17
Whiteness 18
Compulsory Heterosexuality 20
Root Cause 21
D-Rule 23
A/T 2AC 25
A/T Winners win 26
A/T Intrinsicness 29
AT – Plan Popular with Public 30
AT – Bottom of the Docket 32
A/T Timeframe 33
A2: Do Both 34
A/T Political Capital 35
A/T No bipartisanship 36
A/T ENDA hurts businesses 37
Iran Nuclear Deal 38
Nuke Deal Good 1NC 39
Uniqueness 43
Political Capital Key 46
Sanctions will block Nuke Deal 48
Impacts 49
Immigration 53
1NC 54
Will pass 57
Obama Pushing Immigration Reform 58
Political Capital Key to Immigration 59
A2: Winners Win 62
A2: Kick the Can 68
A2: XO Solves 69
2NC Hegemony 70
Affirmative Answers 73
Iran 77
Immigration 82
Generic Uniqueness Answers 84
Thumpers 89


Click here to download this file

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