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Security K Core - ARGogate

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Security K Core - ARGogate

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Hey everyone


This is the security k. Form matches function; the file is constructed to be just as versatile as the argument itself. The two 1nc shells, long and short, are there depending on the 1nc commitment you want to make. I'll highlight a few must-read cards and then general strategies.


1nc burke -

it's makes a ton of different arguments - root cause, aff impacts not real, war impact, util bad, and even a perm answer. it's referenced a bunch in the 2nc blocks, and is a great all-purpose arg.


2nc bilgin -

beginning discussions at the intellectual level is a better way to approach policy. it cites empirics of grassroots movements that have been taken upstream to be successfully implemented as policy, which is a classic arg against aff framework cards. this card makes the arguments that all security k debaters have to win eventually, that our academic discourse DOES matter.


the rest of the K is modular. the impacts can be read anywhere from the overview to the perm debate. whenever the aff talks about "our specific _____" you should pull lines from their evidence and incorporate those lines into the link blocks. for big Ks like aerospace, there are 1nc links in the link section, so make sure you check those out before round


finally, you'll be coming across the zenko and cohen article quite a few times in this file as well as the full text of the article at the bottom. the article characterizes this version of the security K well - this is the security K you read in front of judges who don't like or don't understand the K. it's written so that the impacts are very policy-friendly (see: impact calc) and salient to a wide range of affs across many topics. despite being a generic, it can be an argument that is easy to make very aff-specific.


good luck and happy debating



1NC Shells. 2

1NC—Security K (Short). 3

1NC—Security K (Long). 6

Top-Level Answers. 11

Framework. 12

K Prior. 13

Impact Calc. 16

Actor-Network Tracing. 18

Alt Solvency. 19

Death is an Illusion. 24

AT—Perm: Both. 26

AT—Perm: Other Instances. 29

AT—Perm: Judge Choice. 30

AT—Perm: Cozette. 31

AT—Cede the Political 32

AT—Threats Real 34

AT—Nye: Policy Relevance. 35

AT—Rotter: Focus on Materiality. 37

AT—Schweller: No Paranoia. 38

AT—Owen: Critical Turn Bad. 39

AT—Rasch: Enmity Good. 41

AT—Wendt: Inevitability. 45

AT—Pinker: Wars Down. 49

AT—Kaufman: No Impact 51

AT—Kraus: Reception Theory. 53

AT—Coyne: Falsifiability. 56

AT—Fitzsimmons: Complexity Bad. 58

AT—Jones: No Alt Solvency. 59

AT—Gunning: Pragmatism... 60

AT—Kurasawa: Predictions. 61

AT—Non-Unique Disad. 62

AT—Alt = Transition Wars. 64

AT—Threatcon K2 Action. 65

Realism Debate. 65

R—2NC.. 66

R—Psychoanalysis. 68

R—Fails. 70

R—Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. 71

AT—Human Nature. 72

AT—History. 75

AT—Defensive Realism... 76

AT—Mearshimer. 77

AT—Waltz. 79

AT—Guzzini 80

Impact Debate. 80

I—Arms Race***. 81

I—Cooperation. 83

I—Dehum***. 84

I—Ethnocentric Thinking***. 85

I—Interventionism***. 87

I—Racist Scholarship***. 88

I—Social Militarism... 89

I—Social Progress***. 90

Link Debate. 91

L—Agriculture. 92

L—All Purpose. 94

L—Arctic. 96

L—Aerospace—1NC.. 104

Morrissey 2011. 108

L—Biosecurity. 110

L—China—1NC.. 111

L—China—XTN.. 112

L—China—Epistemology. 115

L—Competitiveness—1NC.. 117

L—Competitiveness—XTN.. 118

L—Competitiveness—F/W... 122

L—Competitiveness—Epistemology. 125

L—Cybersecurity. 128

L—Death Impacts. 129

L—Democratization. 132

L—Deterrence. 133

L—Drones. 135

L—Economy. 138

L—Environment—1NC.. 142

L—Environment—XTN.. 144

L—Environment—Epistemology. 151

L—Environment—Scapegoating. 152

L—Environment—AT—Mobilization. 154

Apocalypticism... 154

Buell 3. 154

L—Environment—Alt Solves. 161

L—Hegemony. 162

L—Iran—1NC.. 166

L—Iran—XTN.. 168

L—India. 175

L—Infrastructure. 177

L—Infrastructure Terrorism... 181

L—Japan. 183

L—Korea. 186

L—Latin America. 192

L—Linearity. 194

L—Nanotech. 198

L—Nuke War. 199

L—Prolif—1NC.. 200

L—Prolif—XTN.. 207

L—Prolif—AT—Universal Opposition. 209

L—Prolif—AT—Perm... 210

L—Prolif—Epistemology. 214

L—Resolve. 216

L—Russia. 220

L—Space Mil 221

L—Trade. 227

Bottom-Level Answers. 229

Utopianism Good. 230

K Debate Good. 231

AIK.. 232

AIKs Good. 233

Vagueness Good. 234

Important—2013. 234

Must Read. 235

2NR Materials. 243

2NR—Impact Overview.. 244

2NR—Ethics Impact 245

2NR—Framework. 246

2NR XT—Bruce/Dean*** (H.A.M. Version). 247

2NR—AT Specificity/Solvency. 248

2NC—Psychoanalysis. 249

2NR—Cede the Political 250

2NR—Competitiveness K—Link. 251


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can we get a ToC?





Why is your file better than the three other ones on Evazon or a camp file?


It's practically the only K I went for.

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Why is your file better than the three other ones on Evazon or a camp file?

I have this file


1. the biggest reason i would note is that the argument is very complete, no matter which way you arrange the cards. many files have a smattering of different scholars whose ideologies yield some pretty inconsistent arguments. not to say the K isn't multifaceted; it is. it advances a very coherent strain of scholarship where instead of reading a bunch of different cards, the cards can do a lot of the arguing for you. once you understand them, you can skip the basic concerns of "organization" and "what do I read where" and start going in depth.


2. I think the policy arg is pretty true, and is the other biggest distinguishing factor of this file. the way this file is setup, it's the kind of cards that make very policy-salient K arguments. it's not as far left or theoretical as most security Ks are, although you can spin it in a variety of ways. a lot of camp files have extra cards for padding, this file only has the best cards for each of the link sections, and most of them have a turns case argument that becomes important if you're behind on f/w

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I'm also open to feedback on what you think this file needs. Post a comment here and I'll make sure to include it in the next version. The Security K is a core quasi-specific argument for each topic, and I will update this in accordance with feedback in order to help people gain a better knowledge of one of the major arguments in the activity.

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