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KCKCC TOC/DCI Invitation

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It is my pleasure to invite you to the 8th annual Kansas City Kansas Community College TOC/DCI Qualifier to be held November 1st-3rd, 2013. New this year—A “Futures†Division.  See below!


The tournament is a qualifier at the Final Round level, in team policy debate, to the magnificent TOC in Lexington, KY. Additionally, the tournament has been deemed a qualifying tournament for KS teams interested in competing at the prestigious DCI tournament. The DCI bid level has commenced at the Octo-Final round in the past. The TOC bid and the designation as a DCI qualifier ensures that the tournament will be one of the most competitive experiences your students can hope for. Last year we had nearly 75 teams from 8 states. Enter early to not be left out!


We are excited to host this event and look forward to hosting you and your teams in wonderful Kansas City. The invitation includes important information regarding schedule, location, procedures, and accommodations. The ENTIRE tournament will be held on the campus of Kansas City Kansas Community College. Space limitations due to a high volume of Saturday classes, and a Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at the College should be encouragement for you to enter early and often should you choose! We are losing the entire Jewell Center again this year due to the Hall of Fame Induction. This will create some scheduling and movement challenges. So please enter early!!


Please make note of the fact that ALL rounds will be at KCKCC. In the past we were fortunate to have gracious hosts from our high school colleagues. If the tournament grows in size, we may be calling on them again. For now, expect all debates to occur on our campus.


Procedures: We will have 6 preliminary rounds of debate. Teams should come prepared to debate both sides of the 2013-2014  High School resolution. Preliminary debates will be followed by an appropriate number of elimination debates determined by the number of teams entered. Time limits will be 8 minute constructives, 3 minute cross-examination periods, 5 minute rebuttals, and 8 minutes of prep time per team. Last year we cleared all teams with a winning record to a partial Double-Octa Final bracket.  We expect to clear all teams with a winning record again, up to full double-octa finals.


Futures Division: Who doesn’t like a good baseball game, especially during All-Star week when it’s the Futures Game?  Well we love it so much we decided a Futures Division would be debate’s equivalent! So this year, each school entered in the TOC/DCI Division is allowed to enter 1 team (think your brightest, best, future debate all-stars) in the Futures Division!  When you enter please indicate the team as in the Futures Division.  Entry fee will be the same, as will be the requirement to provide judging to cover the team.


Entry Fees: We want to be accessible and to that end will keep our entry fees low in comparison to other TOC events. For the competition you can expect, the judging pool we will have, and the hospitality offered, you will be hard pressed to find such quality at such a low cost. Team entry fees will be assessed at $25.00 per team. The fee includes 2 meals for all participants (dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday), breakfast foods on Sunday, awards for all elim teams, and snacks and hospitality throughout the weekend. Each school is limited to 4 teams initially with any teams beyond 4 being placed on a waiting list. I understand that times are tough economically on programs.  While I know $25.00 is cheap for what you will get, I want to be accessible to all programs.  If the fees make it difficult for you to attend, please let me know so we can work something out.  We expect to have a substantial draw from throughout the Midwest. Please register early. Let me know via email if you would like more than 4 teams. No promises at this point. Given the space concerns we have, entries will be on a first-come basis with spots being automatically held for any school who has attended in the past. Those spots however will be released on October 28th to make room for other entries. Please enter, even if it's just numbers of teams and you need to figure out names later.


Fee Payment: All paid fees will result in you receiving a receipt for payment. The preferred method of payment is either cash (so we can pay our food and trophy vendors over the weekend), or a check made out to Darren Elliott. Anyone paying the judge fee will not be able to pay this fee through a purchase order since those judges will need to be paid by the tournament while they are there. Please make sure to plan ahead if you are going to be paying a judge fee. Anyone who must pay entry fees by purchase order, please complete this paperwork early so your schools can cut a check. We are still waiting on payments from some schools that entered last year and arrived with a purchase order. This creates a financial burden on the ability to host. 

***If you bring extra bodies to watch rounds or help out your team, please include $5.00 per person to help offset our food/beverage costs.  Extra bodies would be anyone above and beyond 3 people per team (2 debaters and 1 coach/judge).  So if you bring 1 team, 1 coach, and 2 students to watch, the fee would be $25.00 for the team and coach and $10.00 for the 2 extras.  EXCEPTION—if you want to bring extra bodies to help out, watch rounds, etc AND those folks are willing to serve as ballot runners between rounds, we will NOT charge you the extra observer fee AND will feed them for their help.  Since we are a college program with about a dozen team members (some of which will be competing in Oklahoma that weekend at UCO) we can use extra bodies to help keep the tournament on time.  Please let me know if you have anyone wanting to come and help.


Registration: You may enter a number of ways. I will accept entries via email at delliott@kckcc.edu or by phone, fax, and yes even snail mail. You can fax entries to (913)288-7638. Email or faxed entries are preferred. You will be notified of your entry status however you choose to enter, so if you do not receive confirmation within a day or 2 of entering please contact me via email or phone (listed below). Once the tournament is capped, teams will be placed on a waiting list and let in the tournament in the order they were received. An updated team list will be visible from time to time on cross-x.com in the KS forum under KCKCC DCI/TOC 2013. This list will be cross-posted to other state forums as teams from those states enter the tournament. Please include school name as well as the names of the debaters.


Judging: Each school needs to provide 1 qualified judge for every 2 teams entered. This person will be expected to judge each debate (6 prelims) and the first elimination round and 1 round past your final teams elimination. If you have 3 teams you need to provide 9 rounds of prelim judging, with both judges being available for the first elim round. You are welcome to bring more than 1 judge and have them split the commitment. Please indicate those requirements when entering. There will be a limited number of judges available for hire. They are on a first come basis. The fee for uncovered teams will be assessed at $75 per team in addition to the $25.00 entry fee. The ability to hire judges is not guaranteed and schools who believe they may have trouble covering their judging should make arrangements as early as possible to secure hired judging. We will use a judge preference system. I am requesting that each judge entered in the tournament complete a judge philosophy statement that teams can access prior to filling out judge preference forms.  NO registration is complete without the judge preference form. A sample form can be found at the bottom of this invitation. You can have your judges use this form OR they can create their own, as long as the basic information below is included. The philosophy forms need to be uploaded to http://judgephilosophies.wikispaces.com/ Please go to the judge philosophy wiki and make sure your judges have a philosophy posted.  The deadline to get philosophies in will be 1 week prior to the tournament. Any changes after that time must be approved. Anyone not submitting a philosophy statement will not be considered as a judge meeting the entry requirements, and teams may be dropped to make room for teams on the waiting list, or charged a hired judge fee.  Please do not overlook this part of the entry. Coaches who may want to pick-up ballots but are not the full-time judge are asked to fill out a philosophy as well.  Just let me know what rounds and when you would like to judge.

Judges should also accompany their teams if their teams are in elimination rounds on Sunday. In the past we have had some trouble with judges committed for Sunday no-showing. It creates quite a strain on the tournament if not enough judges are present. If you have teams debating, please make sure your judges will be there.


Laptops: As in the past the tournament will allow the use of laptops in debates and abide by KSHSAA regulations regarding such.  Please inform your judges that they should expect and respect the use of laptops in debate.  If they wish to address norms they will enforce regarding viewing computers, jump driving evidence, etc. please have them include that in their judge philosophy statement.


Accommodations: There are a number of hotels in the area of the College. Rates can vary depending on location and hotel. I would encourage schools to book and request a government rate. If you do not normally do this, it can save you a lot on rooms. Given that schools are state funded you are eligible for government rates and I encourage you to take advantage of this little known perk.


Hotels in the area of the college include:

Days Inn-7721 Elizabeth Avenue-Kansas City, KS-(913)-334-3028

Comfort Inn and Suites-234 N. 78th Street-Kansas City, KS-(913)299-5555

The above 2 properties are just a few minutes from the College.


The properties below are 3 miles up State Avenue from the College and located in the Village West area. This area has become the shopping and dining mecca in KS. The Legends shopping center, dozens of restaurants, and major stores have moved KS up 14 spots among all States in tourism. I encourage you to check out the area while here.

Holiday Inn Express-1931 Prairie Crossing-Kansas City, KS-(913)328-1024

Hampton Inn-1400 Village West Parkway-Kansas City, KS-(913)328-1400


The following properties are located just off I-70 about 10 minutes from the College via I-70.

Holiday Inn Express-13031 Ridge Drive-Bonner Springs, KS-(913)721-5300

Super 8-13041 Ridge Avenue-Bonner Springs, KS-(913)721-3877



Friday Nov. 1st

2:00pm-3:00pm Registration (Performing Arts Center—at the North end of campus)

3:00pm Opening Assembly

3:45pm RD I

5:30pm RD II (followed by a dinner break)

7:30pm RD III

Saturday Nov. 2nd

8am Pairings Released (Outside room 2705)

8:30am RD IV

10:30am RD V

12:00pm Lunch Provided

1:30pm RD VI

4pm Assembly

5pm Elim RD I (presumably Double Octo-Finals) (All Judges are committed and needed)

7pm Elim RD II (presumably Octo-Finals)

Sunday Nov. 3rd

8:00am Pairings Released (Outside room 2705)

8:30am Elim RD III (presumably Quarter-Finals)

11am Elim RD IV (presumably Semi-Finals)

12:45pm-1:45pm Lunch Break

2pm Elim RD V (presumably Finals)


Directions: For those of you using Map Quest the address is:.

Kansas City Kansas Community College

7250 State Avenue

Kansas City, KS 66112


When you arrive at the campus from State Avenue  follow the road north past the Lake (don’t hit our ducks please). When you arrive at the buildings the Performing Arts Center is the building at the north end of the parking lot. You can park anywhere on campus without getting ticketed as long as it is not a spot marked reserved or for disabled drivers.  Look for signs directing you to registration.


On behalf of Kansas City Kansas Community College Debate, the Humanities and Fine Arts Division, the offices of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student and Financial Services, the College President and Board of Trustees, we look forward to seeing you in November for excellent competition.



Darren Elliott

Director of Debate and Forensics


7250 State Avenue

Kansas City, KS 66112 (913)288-7295 (office)    (316)214-9502 (cell)  (913)288-7638 (fax)


Scott Elliott—Assistant Director 

Mike Krueger, Clay Crockett, John Bretthauer—Asst. Coaches


ENTRY FORM: Mail or Fax to Darren Elliott, KCKCC








TEAM #1:

Debater #1 NAME:

Debater #2 NAME:


TEAM #2:

Debater #1 NAME:

Debater #2 NAME:


TEAM #3:

Debater #1 NAME:

Debater #2 NAME:


TEAM #4:

Debater #1 NAME:

Debater #2 NAME:




Rounds Available For (which rounds):

Any School/Team they should not hear:



Rounds Available For (which rounds):

Any School/Team they should not hear:



Rounds Available For (which rounds):

Any School/Team they should not hear:


Number of Vegetarians in Travel Party:

Number of Vegans in Travel Party:


Any special requests regarding your judges/teams: (wait listed teams, etc)





# of years debated in HS_______ What School_______________________________

# of years debated in College____ What College/University_____________________

Currently a (check all that apply) ____Head HS Coach _____Asst. HS Coach

____College Coach _____College Debater

____Debate Fan who regularly judges HS debate

# of rounds on this year’s HS Topic ____

What paradigm best describes your approach to debate?

_____Policy Maker _____Stock Issues _____Tabula Rasa

_____Games Player _____Hypothesis Tester _____Other (Explain)

What do you think the Aff burdens should be?


What do you think the Neg burdens should be?


How I feel about delivery (slow vs. fast)?


How I feel about generic Disads, Counter Plans, Kritiks?


How I feel about case debates?


Other Comments/Suggestions:

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