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Looking To Get Involved In Dc Area Debate

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I recently moved to the DC area (on the Maryland side) and I'm looking to get involved again in debate but I'm not sure where to start.  I debated in high school (some national tournaments but mostly local and regional) and some in college (mostly JV).  In the past I've done a lot of judging and some coaching, but I have not been involved with the community very much for the last 4 years.  If anyone had any suggestions for tournaments in the area that might need to hire judges, schools that might need to hire coaches, or volunteer opportunities to help out with high school debate in the area, I would appreciate it.  Alternatively, if anyone has any contacts in the area that might be willing to talk to me, that would be helpful.  My debate career was very Texas centric and I don't know much about debate in the DC area.

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There are a few schools that do policy debate in DC. The ones I know of are:


National Cathedral School

St. Johns

Georgetown Day School

and Woodrow Wilson High School


There are a couple of tournaments in the area as well...


Georgetown is a quarters ToC bid and is pretty large.

The GMU debate tournament.

Pennsburry (think it is losing it's bid this year)

Capitol classic


Outside of that, there is debate in Baltimore (which is larger debatewise than DC, I think) and in Virgina, such as the Washington Arlington Catholic Forensics League -- which hosts tournaments more regularly (both St Johns and Wilson participate there).


Edit: Totally forgot about cap classic


Another edit: If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'm pretty sure I'm one of the 2 people from DC on these forums.

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Alongside those tournaments there is the Capitol Classic which is in Maryland, another bid tourney, and if you are willing to travel a few hours to the south, there is the JMU Tournament, UVA Rotunda Classic, and the Broad Run Invitational.

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