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Text:  We will advocate the 1AC minus the preempts.

The logic of preemption is based in an affective cycle of fear that imposes a morality purity of truth

Massumi 2K7 [brian, Professor of Communication Sciences @ University of Montreal, “Potential Politics and the Primacy of Pre-emptionâ€, Pg. 18-20, Project Muse]

Fear is always a good reason to go politically ....... We, preemptors, are the producers of your world. Get used to it.


And, The drive for ontological certainty closes off the ability to contest the truth claims of the aff – guarantees infinite violence

Burke 2K7 [Anthony, Senior Lecturer of Politics and International Relations at the University of New South Wales, “Ontologies of War: Violence, Existence, and Reason†Theory & Event, Project Muse]

I see such a drive for ontological ........  making them betray not only commitments but their own substance'. 21


It honestly isn't good for much other than a timesuck

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Thanks. Any ideas how to make the argument better?


The person who came up with the argument primarily made it a timesuck, I've talked to them and they didn't have much planned. Any of the Massumi evidence works, most everything he writes about politically is criticizing the politics of preemption. As of now it seems really silly, if you actually read up on not just the criticism of political preemption but the actual phenomenological and affective implications of preemption than you have a pretty solid criticism of that model of debate and why the PIC works, but that's theoretically over my head right now.

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