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Most Effective Fundraisers

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We don't have great funding for our team and I was just wondering things people do to get more funding. Obviously it doesn't need to be like thousands of dollars but things that could help us relive the stress of paying 500 dollars every tournament. Anything would help. 

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Find a local food place that does a fundraising sales day. Basically, you book a date, and then you make people go and buy food from there. For all the customers that buy under your name, you get x percent of the profit. Usually it's 50% or so. Although it won't make you $500, if you do it a few times at different places, you'll get close. My team this year is probably doing that at California Pizza Kitchen, and I know for a fact that Qdoba, Chipotle, Jimmy Johns, PIzza Hut, and Five Guys Burgers and Fries does a similar club fundraising program too. 


For other things, you could:

1. Ask your activities office for those little cards with deals and stuff. At my school, the sports teams and some clubs go around and sell these little cards which have deals and free coupons for popular attractions and food places. Sell them for $15-20, and you'll get really close to what you want.

2. Baking sale. Get people on your team and your coach if he/she wants to make a lot of baked goods or some kind of food that everyone likes. Then sell them for more than the production cost. Selling cupcakes/bagels/muffins for $1.5 or $2 each outside your school cafeteria during lunch time can get you a lot of money.

3. Team garage sale. Get everyone on your team to give up their un-used items.


If none of that works, asking/petitioning your school's activities office for more funding is a good way to go. Tell them the benefits of debates, stressing the successful academics of debaters, and what debate would do to make the school look better.

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Hey man, I've been in your situation before and this is what my team usually does.


1) Coin drop- try organizing a coin drop by your nearest grocery store, farmers market, wal-mart, where ever there is a large volume of people on a regular basis. We usually raise about 1-2 thousand dollars and in the summer we would raise about 3-3.5 thousand dollars. It doesn't really become the quantity of money each person gives but how many people walk by and donate that matters. After that we usually give them something small to show our gratitude such as a little business card saying Thank You or something like that.

2) Home tournaments- yeah this seems like an obvious way to raise money and you probably have one already but just putting that out there, have multiple if you want (a full varsity one and then maybe a small local tournament for novices and JV). This should make a decent amount of money (not too sure, never ran a tournament before)

3) Concerts- If anyone on your team is musical, have them put on a concert and advertise that all proceeds go to the your debate team. Of course you're going to have to have it at a venue that would let you do these activities such as a school auditorium or something. This could raise about $500-$1000 depending on the turnout

4) Sponsorships- Ask local businesses to sponsor your debate team or sell advertisements and then give out the whole ad booklet at your tournament, this is an easy way to raise at least $500 per person on your debate team.

5) Public Debates- This is an idea that I had where you have a public debate (any format CX LD PF Con) about a current issue, get the community involved, have a tip jar. This will raise awareness about the debate team and it will make you guys look great if you guys ever go out and ask for sponsorships or something of the kind

6) Car wash- Yeah, washing cars makes a bit of money, not sure how much but go for it

7) Bake Sales- Make cookies, cakes, brownies whatever you want. This will generate a decent amount of revenue and possibly profit since it doesn't cost much to run one

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Try selling school supplies with the school logo on them. Some schools here have sold lanyards, but binder folders, planners, pens/pecils/highlighters, keychains/luggage tags, clothing, etc could also be tried. I have never heard of a speech team doing this, but an area MCJROTC unit raffled off an ATV and light trailer. Any popular item could be raffled if ATVs are not popular in your area. Others have also posted some good ideas. Lobby succesful speech alumni from your school for donations and sponsorship. Use social media to get the word out bettter, esp. if you live in a large urban area. Advertise and offer yard raking and leaf hall off later on in the fall.

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