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Marty McFly

Latin America Impact Core

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File Name: Latin America Impact Core

File Submitter: Marty McFly

File Submitted: 27 Jul 2013

File Category: Impacts



This is a semi-comprehensive Latin America impact core. It's 142 pages long. Here's a break down of all its sections:

Section 1: Latin America Stability Impacts - This section contains terminal impacts to stability in the region generally, along with cards to defend escalation in specific hotspots such as Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba. I researched this part of the file this past season while cutting a Latin America instability impact to the Immigration politics disad.

Section 2: Latin America Impact Defense - This section contains frontlines and extensions to read against Latin America stability and Mexico collapse impacts. The cards are very quality and if deployed correctly can greatly mitigate these impacts.

Section 3: Latin America Relations Answers - This section contains frontlines and extensions to read against various relations scenarios pertaining to Latin America (Latin America generally, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico). The evidence here is a little bit dated because I researched it several years ago for the college Immigration topic, but it should nonetheless be a useful supplement to camp files released this year.

Sections 4 & 5: Mexico Relations Bad and Caribbean Relations Bad Impact Turns - This is another section which features somewhat dated evidence (researched for the college immigration topic) but it has some creative impact turns that be can be updated and deployed if wanted. These will be frequently read advantages on this year's high school topic so smart teams will want to have generic offense.

This file is a good deal at just $12 and should be a good supplement to camp files released covering the same impact area.

Latin America Stability Impacts. 3
Yes Escalation. 4
1AC/1NC – Latin America War Impact 5
A2: Stability Defense. 6
Venezuela Instability Impact 8
Venezuela Instability Spills Over. 11
General Colombia Impact 12
Colombia Instability Bad – Econ. 13
Colombia Instability Bad – Heg. 14
Panama Canal Good – SLOC.. 15
Cuba Instability Laundry List 17

Impact Defense. 21
Latin America Stability Answers. 22
Latin America Stability FL. 23
Ext #1 – Latin American Instability Inev. 25
Ext #3 – No Escalation. 28
Mexico Collapse Answers. 30
Mexico Collapse FL. 31
Ext – Mexico Won’t Collapse. 33
Mexico Collapse Adv CP. 35

Relations Answers. 36
US-Brazil Relations Answers. 37
US/Brazil Relations FL. 38
Ext – Relations High. 40
Ext – Relations Resilient 43
A2: Relations Check Venezuela. 46
US-Latin America Relations Answers. 47
US/Latin American Relations FL. 48
Ext – Relations High. 50
Ext – Alt Causes. 51
US-Mexico Relations. 52
Frontline. 53
A2: Relations Solve Drug War 54
US-Venezuela Relations. 55
US/Venezuela Relations FL. 56
Ext – Relations Resilient 57

Mexico Relations Bad. 58
1NC & Extensions. 59
Relations Bad – Canada Relations good – 1NC.. 60
Uniqueness – Canada Relations High. 63
A2: Canada Relations Resilient 65
Internal Links – Mexico Rels. Kill Canada Rels. 67

Extension - Relations Solve Terror 72
--Air Pollution Impact 74
--Auto Industry Impact 77
Impact Ext. – Auto Industry Key to the Econ. 80
Auto Industry Good – Ground Forces. 82
Auto Industry Good – Japan. 85
Auto Industry Good – Naval & Air Power 88
--Energy Security. 93
Impact Ext. – Relations Solve Energy Security. 95
--Free Trade Impact 97
Extension – Relations Solve Free Trade. 99
--NATO Impact 101
--NORAD Impact 103
Impact Ext. – Relations Solve NORAD.. 106
--Renewable Energy Impact 108

--Drugs Trafficking Good Impact 112
--Human Rights Impact 115
Impact Ext. – Relations Kill Human Rights. 117

*BLOCKS*. 119
A2: Mexico Relations Resilient 120
A2: Mexico Relations Solve Drug War 122

Caribbean Relations Bad. 123
1NC – Russia Impact 124
2nc Overview.. 127
I/L Ext – US Relations Kill Russia Influence. 130
Impact Ext – K2 Russia Econ. 134
A2: Red Spread Impact Turns. 136
2nc China Impact 138
Ext – US Relations Kill Chinese Influence. 141
A2: US Caribbean Relations Good. 142

My name is Jacob Justice. I've debated 4 years at Wayne State University, and will debate a 5th year there next year. I've qualified to the National Debate Tournament twice and reached elimination rounds at multiple national tournaments and regional tournaments. I debated 2 years in high school for Dexter High School in Michigan. I'm currently a coach for West Bloomfield High School and coached Brother Rice High School at the Tournament of Champions.


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