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Microsoft Surface Rt/pro For Debate

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Challenges of tablets:

1) Not as fast (largest drawback probably given debate is a productivity and speed driven event to a great extent).  This could effect research speeds as well as ability to quickly pull up documents during prep time or speech time.

2) Probably not as accurate (typing, etc..)

3) Not as easy to plug devices into


Compared to what?


I'm curious how it would face up versus Google Chromebooks laptops which I think are $300.  For the same price you can also get a Macbook used on Craigslist.  The Chomebooks may have some of the challenges I outlined above (although I'm uncertain the extent to which they are affected by the above)

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Probably fine. Would need to have to be practiced and worked on to get used to it's unique abilities.


Cons/No Advantage:

  • #1 above is probably the biggest issue. Quickly pulling up and loading large documents, many of them at the same time, might bleed out a few extra seconds of prep time that you wouldn't have with a better piece of hardware. This only goes for the RT's, the Surface Pro's have some decent hardware inside.
  • Touch typing wouldn't be recommended, nor flowing, I'd guess. 
  • Will still require you to have a keyboard and mouse



  • Probably great as something to read off of in reading mode in MS Office, though.
  • No need for a table tote, go back to stacking things and fitting your flows next to your paperless speech.
  • Lighter/easier to pick up and move about during team preps in the hotel, etc.
  • Tablets are fun and awesome


Re: Chromebooks: I disagree on the chromebook comment. People just aren't taking full advantage of what a Chromebook can do. You can run a Linux desktop side-by-side with ChromeOS and "alt+tab" between ChromeOS and a regular desktop (I would suggest XFCE). That makes it possible to prep, research, and debate paperlessly without problems if you use LibreOffice and the DebateOS Template.


All it takes is a couple terminal commands to install it, and then learning that Alt + ~ (I think) alt-tabs between a desktop and ChromeOS. From the Chrome Books thread:




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