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Njfl, Black Swans, Anti-Fragility, And Martyrs Or Heroes

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I am like 99% sure someone is impersonating "the coach" if this person even really exists. Have we googled the name of the coach ("Matt Contreras" I think?) to see if its a real person? 


Being from the Southern California region, I assure you that this is indeed Matt Contreras, coach at LNU


FYPD has a post in which Jim claims he looked up Matt Contreras's name and found out that he used to do parli. That doesn't mean that this person is the same as that guy though.


Again, I assure you that he is.


He almost immediately messaged me at three in the morning when the reply to his initial comment was posted.  The website has the feature to automatically email people when somebody replies to their comments. I do not see how this could be anybody else.


You're right.


He real. Parli debater from back before parli debate learned to read.


Now let's not hijack this thread into a Parli hate-fest. But yeah, Matt's real.





That being said, i'm going to stay out of this. I'm in India for the summer, and I'm not touching this one with a 12005.88 Km Pole (Roughly the distance from LA to India)

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I'm done with it.  He can say all he wants about me on his incoherent hate blog, I've sufficiently proven he has zero credibility.

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This makes me sad because antifragility is an interesting concept, particularly when applied to macroeconomics... another example of repellent misrepresentation by soundbite philosophers

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Just for laughs.

Martyrs or Heroes?

If that is the ?, I would choose being a hero. All martyrs are dead. Some, but not all heroes are dead. Thus one's odds are better a Hero.


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