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Unbroken Secret Aff

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File Name: Unbroken Secret Aff

File Submitter: DML

File Submitted: 17 May 2013

File Category: Affirmatives

Resolution: Transportation


This is an aff that I've had ready for a while but has never been read (not just by teams that I've worked with but by any team on the circuit). To keep the element of surprise in play I'd prefer not to post public information about it but I will answer any questions about it through PM that you might have prior to buying it (as long as you don't tell). This aff is strategic, surprising, and has a different angle on the topic that hasn't really been taken much advantage of this year by any big team.

Also it's a policy aff so it's NFLs-friendly.

All necessary blocks are there, the file is highlighted, and explanation is provided in the file, all for the price of $10. Again, let me clarify, if you are interested in the file send me a private message and I will answer any and all questions you have in confidentiality. You don't have to buy it to do this, and you don't have to buy it after PMing me--if you decide you aren't interested then that's fine. Of course, there's always the option of taking me on my word and buying the file without asking, but to each their own...


Click here to download this file

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