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first you need to have a wiki account, which you can do by clicking "join wiki"


afterwards, go to the page with all of the teams "policy debate" or "lincoln-douglas debate" on the left hand side of the page


push edit (around the top right area) then in the correct spot (there's a guide on where to put your wiki page on the wiki) put your team name, name, etc. for example:


2012-2013 - West High School (State Initials) - JonyB & JonyB's Partner's name


after putting it in (it should be regular text) push the link button (should be on the editing toolbar) and push "add link" (or if you already made a page, you can put the link/url to that page)


after pushing save, when you click on your name (which should now be a hyperlink) you'll be sent to your page, which you can then edit with your wiki information.



hope this helps

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