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Felix Hoenikker

Epistemology K2 Heg

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File Name: Epistemology K2 Heg

File Submitter: Felix Hoenikker

File Submitted: 09 Apr 2013

File Category: Critiques

Resolution: Latin America


It's a collection of cards by the Director of National Intelligence for the Army from a declassified report on intelligence gathering. The author argues, using a variety of different brands of (mostly French) epistemic criticism, that if it is true that the Cold War realpolitik models do not apply since war has become asymmetrical and violence more diffuse then new epistemic models are essential to leadership.

A lot of fun for Ks on the aff or neg that don't want to have to deal with a massive heg good/bad debate. Yay dirty tricks!


Click here to download this file

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