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Dartmouth - Ddi 2013

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July 6 – July 13:          DDIx, PDSW

July 14 – Aug 10:          DDI


DDI is nearly fully, so complete our quick and free application now.


What makes DDI unique?


-  Small Classes Labs capped at 24. Every teaching staff member is in lab every day.

-  Argument Diversity We have instructors that specialize in policy, critical, and non-traditional arguments.

-  You Choose Our elective system allows you to choose classes that best fit your needs and ensures you have access to all members of the teaching staff.

-  Skills and Strategy DDI’s unique competitive lab structure promotes constant strategizing. We’re adding even more early and structured skills practice with immediate feedback.

-  Ivy League Advantage Nothing compares to a summer in Hanover with access to Dartmouth’s research resources and facilities.


Our Highly Qualified staff for the DDI include



Serrano/Strange Lab
Ken Strange is the director of debate at Dartmouth College. He has coached eight teams to the finals of the NDT, including 3 NDT champions. He also coached about a dozen NDT semi- finalists, three CEDA Nationals finalists, and a number of top ten NDT speaker award winners. For almost 30 straight years Ken had at least one first round at-large team to the NDT, including five Copeland Award winners, and had teams winning at least one elimination round at the NDT.
Nicole Serrano is the Executive Director for the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance, the 2012 National Outstanding Urban Debate League. As a high school coach at Lexington High School (MA) and Montgomery Bell Academy (TN), Nicole has coached teams to the top four of nearly every major national high school tournament including National Forensics League Championships, The Tournament of Champions, Harvard University Invitation and more. She has also coached students to numerous top ten speaker awards, including a top five speaker at the Glenbrooks, Harvard, Emory University’s Barkley Forum, and NFL’s tournaments.  Now in Dallas, TX, Nicole has tripled the number of schools and students that participate in debate in just two years by writing the curriculum used in the 35 schools and working hands-on with nearly 700 students across the school year. Dallas Urban Debate students have won several debate scholarships and national recognition, including the “Great Space Debateâ€, a public debate at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in 2012.  In addition to being a previous member of the Executive Board for the National Debate Coaches Association,  Nicole has won the Bronx Science Achievement Award for her contributions to the debate community.
Antonucci/Crowe Lab
Michael Antonucci has coached at the University of Iowa, Northwestern University, Lexington High School,  Georgetown Day School, and Georgetown University. He currently coaches both Georgetown University and the Georgetown Day School. As a high school coach, he has coached champions, top speaker and/or late elimination round participants at virtually every major national tournament. As a coach for Northwestern, he coached two first rounds, and finalists at both Georgia State and Kentucky. As a coach for Georgetown, he has participated in a rare programmatic renaissance that culminated in winning the NDT in 2012 as well as Georgia State and the Kentucky Round Robin.
Chris Crowe coaches at the University of Texas at San Antonio and Westwood High School. At the high school level, Chris has coached multiple state champions (WY), TOC qualifiers and top 20 finishes at NFL Nationals. At the college level, his debaters have cleared at every major national tournament, including the NDT and CEDA Nationals. Chris debated at the University of Wyoming where he netted numerous top-ten speaker awards, cleared at every major national tournament and was the 2006 CEDA Debater of the Year. Chris is one of only three people in history to have judged the final debate of CEDA Nationals and the NDT in the same year.
Kernoff/Malsin Lab
Kathryn Clark Kernoff is a debate coach for Dartmouth College’s top ranked debate team.  In addition to recruiting talented high school debaters, Kathryn works with the Dartmouth Debate team on research and advanced argumentation skills. Previously a high school coach for Bronx Science (NY), Kathryn has coached debaters to high level success at both the high school and collegiate level. As a Valley High School (IA) debater, she twice qualified for the TOC and advanced to elimination rounds her senior year. She also was in late elimination rounds of several national tournaments, including the finals of Greenhill as well as the winning Blake and New Trier. Kathryn also won several speaker awards including 2nd place individual speaker at MBA and New Trier. As a Dartmouth debater, Kathryn received a first round at-large bid for the NDT three times and was twice ranked as one of the top 5 teams in the country. In addition to several very late elimination round appearances, Kathryn won the West Georgia tournament, won the Kentucky Round Robin twice, and also won the Dartmouth Round Robin. Kathryn cleared at the NDT three years in a row and is the only college debater to reach the final round of the CEDA national tournament for three consecutive years.
Mikaela Malsin graduated from Emory University in 2010, where she was an integral member of the NDT- and Copeland-winning debate squad. She completed her M.A. in Communication at Wake Forest, where she coached a team selected as first round qualifiers to the National Debate Tournament, as well as participants in many elimination rounds including the NDT. She also coached the 2010 and 2011 winners of the Tournament of Champions. She is currently a graduate assistant coach at the University of Georgia, where she specializes in coaching former students of the DDI to the octafinals of the Wake Forest tournament.
Chung/Mulholand Lab
Seungwon Chung received his MA in Communication from Wake Forest University in 2011, where he also completed his BA in 2009. His teams have advanced to the elimination rounds of every major tournament, including the semifinals of the National Debate Tournament. Seungwon currently coaches at the University of Georgia, where he also teaches a collegiate course on debate and argumentation.
Rob Mulholand debated at Northwestern University, where he reached the late elimination rounds of several major tournaments, including the finals of Georgia State. Rob received a first round at-large bid to the NDT, where he reached the quarterfinals. Before then, Rob debated for Celebration High School (FL), where he won a number of tournaments and qualified for the Tournament of Champions. He is currently a graduate assistant coach at the University of Georgia.
Kennedy/Quigley Lab
Sean Kennedy is currently an assistant coach at New Trier High School and the University of California-Berkeley. As a debater for Shawnee Mission East High School, he received multiple speaker awards at national tournaments and qualified for both NFL nationals and the TOC. As a debater at the University of Kansas, he was top speaker and a two-time semifinalst at CEDA nationals. He received three first-round bids to the NDT, won the Shirley Classic at Wake Forest, was in at least quarterfinals of every major national tournament, and received a speaker award at every major national tournament.
Dylan Quigley coaches at Dartmouth. He qualified for the TOC once and the NFL Tournament three times as a debater for Wichita High School East in Kansas. As a senior, he was in the semifinals of NFL Nationals. As a debater at the University of Kansas, he was inelimination rounds of CEDA Nationals four times and the National Debate Tournament twice. He was a semi-finalist at CEDA Nationals and received two first-round bids to the NDT. As an senior, he won the Shirley Classic at Wake Forest University.
Guest Lecturers/Judges
Edmund Zagorin is an assistant debate coach at the University of Michigan and program director at the {xylum} debate institute. He was a semifinalist at the NDT and has coached nationally ranked teams at Georgetown Day School, Bishop Guertin and Stratford Academy. He will be joining the DDI for the last week and a half to give guest lectures, visit labs, and listen to speeches and debates.
Dr. Darrel Wanzer (Ph.D., Indiana University) is Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Discourse in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Iowa. A former policy debater (though high school and college), he is now a scholar of race and public culture with a particular interest in Latin@ studies, coloniality, and critical rhetorical theory. Dr. Wanzer’s scholarship complicates (modern/Western) rhetorical theory by putting it into conversation with critical race and decolonial theory in a manner that makes local knowledges and communication practices intelligible, and advances more inclusive theorizing in the discipline. His work has appeared in the Quarterly Journal of Speech, Communication Theory, Environmental Communication, Communication, Culture, & Critique, Rhetoric and Public Affairs, and his pioneering 2010 book The Young Lords: A Reader (NYU Press). He is currently finishing another book on the Young Lords, and working on other essay projects related to racial neoliberalism, coloniality in rhetorical theory, and environmental justice.
Lab Assistants
Abla Bella, Bronx High School (NY) '13
Will Caplan, Chattahoochee (GA) '11, Univ of Georgia '15
Noah Cramer, Oak Park-River Forest (IL) '12, Dartmouth '16
Daniel Kreus, Wheeler (GA) '12, Dartmouth '16
Dikshant Malla, Baltimore City College (MD) '13, John Hopkins '17
John Spurlock, CK McClatchy '13 

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