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2013 Hegemony Updates

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File Name: 2013 Hegemony Updates

File Submitter: twoAC

File Submitted: 28 Mar 2013

File Category: Impacts


This file contains high-quality updates from 2013 on the hegemony debate, including:

- A new terminal impact (hege solves war/prolif)

- Sustainability both ways (including answers to offshore balancing)

- Answers to common impact turns (China war, econ, terror)

- Some A+ cards that decline is manageable/doesn't cause power vacuums

This file is completely underlined and highlighted and well worth the price, considering the debate community isn't likely to lose its fascination with US primacy any time soon (read: you can use this file for years to come).

I debated for four years at Groves High School in Beverly Hills, MI. During my senior year I debated almost exclusively on the national circuit, reaching elimination rounds at East Grand Rapids, New Trier, and Harvard. I have debated for four years at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, clearing at regional and national tournaments and during the 2011-12 season qualifying for the NDT. As a coach for Seaholm High School my debaters have reached elimination rounds at local and national tournaments.

Email/fb me if you want to discuss this file or anything else about debate.

2013 Hege Ups 1
Hege Good 2
Hege Good – General – Solves Global Problems 3
Hege Good – Nuke Prolif/War 5
Hege Good – Checks China Hege 7
Hege Good - Econ 8
Hege Good – Transition Wars 9
AT: Hege Bad – Unsustainable (Econ) 10
AT: Hege Bad – Econ 11
AT: Hege Bad – Counterbalancing 12
AT: Hege Bad – War (Proxy Wars/Draw-in) 13
Hege Bad 15
Hege Bad – Unsustainable/Econ 16
Hege Bad – Transition is Smooth/Gradual 17
Hege Bad – Balancing 18


Click here to download this file

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