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Wndi Questions

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Me and several other debaters from my school are probably going to Whitman for WNDI this year. I have a few questions.


How are the dorms and facilities? Are they air conditioned? If not air conditioned, are the summers in Washington generally really warm?


Does WNDI focus a lot on research/ev-production or skills of debate? Or a medium of both?


Is there a tournament at the end of the camp?


How many kids usually go to the camp every summer?


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1) Whitman gets fairly hot (80-90?) (That's hot in Washington), and while the classes you're in are air conditioned, the dorms are not. You do receive a fan though, which is normally good enough. Overall, the dorms are pretty comfortable and the classrooms are very nice.


2) I'd have to say a little of both. They have research time, rebuttal redoes, etc., however I noticed that it's really whatever you put in you get out of it. However, the research and evidence time is nowhere near that of one such as Gonzaga due to it being a lot smaller. That being said, because it's smaller you get lots of quality time with the lab leaders. I'd said 4-1 ratio.


3)  Yes. They have practice rounds, then a tournament. And if you stay for the third week, you get another tournament.


4) In policy, I'd say about 30-50. I couldn't tell you how many overall. 


Here's some helpful links, though you probably already have seen them.




If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me or ask! I went there two straight years and had a great experience both times!


P.S. I hope you like Ultimate Frisbee. 

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