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obama pol cap is for free trade with the EU

free trade strengths EU -> storng EU solves extinction scenarios

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If you're new or are unwilling to pay for / cut recent evidence for politics, you should probably stay away from the DA. It's rather common so most people will have good answers, and if you don't have the newest evidence you'll have a very hard time winning links.


Also, the PTX debate can quickly become very cumbersome as many of the cards are short and there's generally a TON of cards. For instance, some 2NRs where I've decided that ptx looks good enough to go for there will STILL be upwards of 25 cards on that flow between the aff and the neg.


So I guess my advice would just be to stick to DAs that are more argumentation oriented and less organization / evidence oriented. Easier to keep up with and will give you a better picture of how to debate a DA on the aff and the neg.

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