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Proposed Changes To Kshsaa Governing Structure

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As KSHSAA policies related to debate travel are a popular topic on this board, I felt it might be useful for you to be aware of a potential change in the way KSHSAA may be operated in the future.


Legislation has been proposed in the Kansas house that would add a number of parental representatives to the KSHSAA structure.  The best source I can find that describes the bill in detail is here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkAI0P-h7d8&feature=youtu.be  


Bear in mind that this is a video produced by PROPONENTS of the legislation; when viewing the video, use your critical thinking skills to separate the factual information contained therein from the arguments in favor of the changes.


You may wish to give consideration to the potential which this legislation offers in terms of changing KSHSAA's policies regarding out-of-state travel for debate and other activities.  Discussion and debate on the issue would be welcome, with the understanding that individuals within our community will make their own decisions regarding support or opposition.

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Here's the link to House Bill 2623




What I find interesting is that there is a provision that requires all changes to KSHSAA bylaws to be approved by the State BOE. I don't think that the video addressed this at all... It essentially is putting a leash on KSHAA. I don't think that this is talking about rule changes to activities, but changes to the way that KSHSAA itself operates. This rule, combined with the new appointees to the board is a way for the State gov't to assert a little more control over KSHSAA. 


That said, I don't think that this would really effect Debate/Forensics. I'm not all that familiar with the current representation structure and if the new proposed league designations would apply to debate... I don't think that it would really change anything. 

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