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File Name: Wipeout

File Submitter: jakeswede

File Submitted: 04 Mar 2013

File Category: Disadvantages

Resolution: Transportation


The classic Wipeout file with a few added updates. Perfect for turning nearly any aff or just trolling.


Table of Contents

**WIPEOUT 2.0** 1

**Strategy Sheet** 1

**Topshelf** 3

*1NC Shell (Short)* 3

*1NC Shell (Long)* 6

*2NC Overview* 12

**Negative Utilitarianism** 17

*NU Justifies Extinction* 17

*Pain-Pleasure Asymmetries* 18

*Perm: Moderate NU* 28

*Perm: Benatar’s assymmetry only* 30

*A2: The pinprick Argument* 33

*A2: Why aren’t we more happy about nonexistent beings?* 34

*A2: Average Utilitarianism* 35

*A2: Pleausre is an advantage over no pleasure* 36

**Life Net-Bad** 37

*Animals suffer* 37

*Animal suffering matters* 39

*People suffer* 40

*Optimism is biased* 49

*A2: We don’t regret our existence* 52

*A2: Equality Theories* 55

*A2: Desire/Preference Theories* 56

*A2: Deontological/Kantian Theories* 59

**Lab universes/ Bad Tech** 62

*Terraforming, Panspermia, Lab Universes Possible* 62

*Lab universes physically possible* 63

*Lab universes will be developed if possible* 65

*Lab universes bad* 66

**General Answers to Answers** 68

*A2: Paradise Engineering/ Abolitionism* 68

*A2: You’re counter-intuitive!* 73

*A2: Extinction violates moral obligations* 75

*A2: Discourse impacts* 76

*A2: Your authors don’t talk about immigration* 77

*A2: Benatar doesn’t advocate killing extinction* 78

*A2: A world without humans would suck* 79

*A2: Extinction Hurts* 80

*A2: Why don’t you commit suicide?* 81


Click here to download this file

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