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Colleyville Heritage Teams List

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Can somebody post a teams list?




Olathe North Miller/ Porter

Blue Valley Southwest Locke/ Super

Blue Valley North Evans/ Jones

Blue Valley West Birzer/ Yeamans

Blue Valley West Macdonald/ Nelson- I think they're going, not 100% sure?

Emporia Haynes/ ?

Field Kinley ?/ ?


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Alex Estrada - Sonny Stephens  Austin SFA High School

Gigi Girling - James Nelson           Austin SFA High School

Tommy Dunn - Joseph Lenart III                Barstow School

Samantha Rock - Josh Smith        Barstow School

Iqraz Nanji - Namira Ali  Barstow School

Trevor Wright - Ethan Lopez        Barstow School

Sarah Evans - Hunter Jones         Blue Valley North HS

Tristan Locke - Katie Super           Blue Valley Southwest

Christopher Birzer - Spencer Yeamans    Blue Valley West

Owen McDonald - Jared Nelson                Blue Valley West

Sam Gustavson - Joshua Nabors               C.E. Byrd High School

Darius White - Nicholas Nabors  C.E. Byrd High School

Elijah Ash - Christian Vargas         Caddo Magnet High School

Kyle Dockendorf - Sydney Canfield          Caddo Magnet High School

Alden Conner - Jackson Driggers               Caddo Magnet High School

Moez Hayat - Cole Allen                Caddo Magnet High School

Connor Dube - Olivia Pribich        Casady School

Sina Ghodsi - Romil Patel              Clear Lake High School

Suriya Koothan - Raymond MacLean       Clear Lake High School

Kushal Kadakia - Ashwin Varma Clear Lake High School

Matthew Ballard - Amir Javeri    Coppell High School

Stephanie Emerson - Nick Moolenijzer  Coppell High School

Adhitya Ganesh - Kavi Shah         Coppell High School

Nikhil Purohit - Rohan Sakalkale                Coppell High School

Jacob Gonzales - Ashley Lance   Crosby High School

Lesly Gutierrez - Josh Jennings  Crosby High School

Josh Coleman - Nelson Zepeda  Crosby High School

Priya Suri - Arun Kane    Dulles High School

Haynes Barbara - Smith Talia       Emporia High School

Nader Asgari-Tari - James Bockmon         Friendswood

Connor Smith - Jesse Keleman   Grapevine High School

Adam Impellizzieri - Carson Shipp             Grapevine High School

Arjun Gupta - Meg Ranganathan              Greenhill School

Michael Meng - Lindsey Mahomes          Greenhill School

Andrew Barron - Pedro Segura  Hendrickson High School

Peter Wood - Anshuman Gupta                Hendrickson High School

Holmes Hampton - Tyler Shearer              Highland Park (Dallas)

Robert Wyde - Reid Wyde           Highland Park (Dallas)

Vinaik Sundaresan - Rohit Thota                Highland Park (Dallas)

Kevin Colbert - George Chen      Houston Memorial High School

Sophie Wilczynski - Monica Day Houston Memorial High School

James Abbott - James Ferrara    Jesuit College Prep

Adam Brennan - Emilio Lopez     Jesuit College Prep

Chandler Dawson - Brice Tsao    Jesuit College Prep

Jackson Pyke - Jeff Melsheimer                Jesuit College Prep

Justin Kang - Ryan Tan   Jesuit College Prep

Leo Kim - Ajay Rastogi    Katy Taylor High School

Zaki Alattar - Albert Li     Katy Taylor High School

Joel Kim - Ishani Desai    Katy Taylor High School

Jonathan Agosto - Zach Ezer       Klein High School


ISMAEL REYNA - CHLOE MOSQUEDA       Law Magnet High School

Lisa Hsi - Yesha Shah       Liberal Arts and Science Academy - LBJ High School

Eli Barrish - Justin Yoon  Liberal Arts and Science Academy - LBJ High School

Wesley Miller - Jacob Porter       Olathe North

Pranav Sheth - Quaram Robinson             Plano East Senior High

Jingwei Zhan - Rodrigo Paramo  Reagan HS

Christopher Patrick Whitehair - Adam Douglas Paarmann              Reagan HS

Ammar Plumber - Ansh Khullar  St. Mark's School of Texas

Zach Burdette - Charlie Marshall               St. Mark's School of Texas

Milan Savani - Meyer Thalheimer             St. Mark's School of Texas

Johnathan Kim - Aakash Pattabi                St. Mark's School of Texas

Jake Galant - Haris Ahmad           St. Mark's School of Texas

Dillan Ahmadi - Sahara Khan        Wakeland High School

Zoe Aronoff - Tristan Seikel         Wakeland High School

Zack Daley - Daniel Firoozi            Wakeland High School

Cody Christensen - Sahil Rattan Washburn Rural High School

Eric Liu - Rohan Reddy    Westwood High School

Vamsi Potluri - Varun Jaladi         Westwood High School

Michael Wyzykowski - Victor Ng                Westwood High School

Jennifer Min - Jasmine Lin            Westwood High School

Nathan Jin - Yash Kamath             Wichita East High School

Patrick Hsun - Taylor Lane            Winston Churchill HS

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