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Kansas National Qualifiers 2012-2013

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NFL Policy Debate
Buhler Crane/Brookman (WKNFL)
Blue Valley Southwest Locke/Super (TTNFL)
Blue Valley Southwest Novicoff/Davis (TTNFL)

Campus Youel/Welch (SUNNFL)
Field Kindley Foster/Wright (SKNFL)

Goddard-Eisenhower Crist/Harrison (SUNNFL)
Hutch Blake/Sain (WKNFL)
Hutch Kambreer/Crater (WKNFL)

Kapaun Meyer/Scott (SUNNFL)
Olathe North Miller/Porter (TTNFL)
Pittsburg Brummitt/Cronister (SKNFL)
Pittsburg Hawn/Matthews (SKNFL)
Shawnee Mission East Murphy/Tulp (EKNFL)
Shawnee Mission East Walter/Walter (EKNFL)
Shawnee Mission West Lekie/Purohit (EKNFL)

Wichita East Jin/Kamath (SUNNFL)



Andover Syverson/Altendorfer (SUNNFL)

Field Kindley Kritz/Hendrix (SKNFL)
Pittsburg MacDonald/Stebbins (SKNFL)

Wichita Southeast Jacobsen/Koch (SUNNFL)

CFL Policy Debate
Blue Valley North Evans/Jones (KCKCCFL)
Blue Valley Southwest Locke/Super (KCKCCFL)
Blue Valley West MacDonald/Nelson (KCKCCFL)
Blue Valley West Birzer/Yeamans (KCKCCFL)
Buhler Crane/Brookman (WCFL)
Buhler Estabrook/Harner (WCFL)
El Dorado Turner/Yates (WCFL)
Emporia Haynes/Smith (KCKCCFL)
Hutch Blake/Sain (WCFL)
Hutch Crater/Kambreer (WCFL)
Kapaun Meyer/Scott (WCFL)
Shawnee Mission East Murphy/Tulp (KCKCCFL)

Please post results if you know them.

Additionally, if anyone knows alternates, please post them.

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Shawnee Mission East - Officer Thomas Malthus and partner Rick Jameson


On a less serious note



Shawnee Mission East Murphy/Tulp

Shawnee Mission East Walter/Walter

Shawnee Mission West Lekie/Purohit

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Field Kindley Foster/Wright

Pittsburg Brummitt/Cronister

Pittsburg Hawn/Matthews



Field Kindley Kritz/Hendrix

Pittsburg MacDonald/Stebbins




Buhler Crane/Brookman

Hutch Blake/Sain

Hutch Krambeer/Crater



BVW Birzer/Yeamans

BVW MacDonald/Nelson

BVN Evans/Jones

SME Murphy/Tulp

BVSW Locke/Super

Emporia Haynes/Smith



Kapaun Meyer/Scott

El Dorado Turner/Yates

Buhler Estabrook/Harner

Buhler Crane/Brookman

Hutch Blake/Sain

Hutch Crater/Krambeer

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BVSW Locke/Smile



It's actually Super, but I can understand the mistake considering Smile sounds equally ridiculous

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The qualifiers for SUNNFL:

Wichita East Jin/Kamath

Kapaun Meyer/Scott

Goddard-Eisenhower Crist/Harrison

Campus Youel/Welch


Alternates (or so I've heard):

Goddard-Eisenhower ???/???

Andover Syverson/Altendorfer

Wichita Southeast Jacobson/Koch

Trinity McKibbin/???

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