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Tournament You Would Want To Do The Best At


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  1. 1. Which tournament would you want to do best at?

    • DCI
    • 4 Speaker State
    • 2 Speaker State
    • NFL Quals
    • CFL Quals

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State Championships keep programs intact. 4 speaker or 2 speaker doesn't make a difference to your administrators. And usually keep them supporting the activity. In this budgetary and fiscal climate, bringing home a state championship trophy are important.


I hope the 4 speaker remains as I think more opportunities for the big trophy benefit the activity.


As a competitor getting an invite to DCI was my goal but the coach committed all resources to regionals and state.

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What is DCI is it like the TOC?


The way in which one qualifies for DCI was indeed modeled after that of the TOC: each weekend, there is one tournament where each of the top 16 teams receive one DCI bid (teams that advance to finals get two). In order to qualify for DCI, a team must collect two bids.


As far as the structure of the tournament itself, there are seven rounds (no out-rounds) with direct power matching all the way through (with the exception of the first two rounds, which are matched high-high and high-low based on each team's number of bids). The tab room is kept closed to coaches and teams throughout the tournament, so no one finds out how well they did until the awards ceremony.

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