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Robert D. Clark Invitational

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Hosted by the University of Oregon

Friday, February 22 – Saturday February 23, 2013

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to the 2013 Robert D. Clark Invitational, to be held on Friday, February, 22nd and Friday, February 23rd. This tournament will feature six preliminary rounds of debate in four different formats, as well as three preliminary rounds of individual events. This year the tournament has an NIETOC bid in all qualifying IEs. Continuing the practices from last year, the tournament offers:

  • All OSAA events offered, following all OSAA rules
  • Two-day schedule instead of three
  • Fully catered coaches’ meeting

We promise a well run, on-time tournament with excellent competition and professionalism.

Thomas Schally

Tournament Director

Debate Coach

University of Oregon

(651) 253-8291


Students may enter one debate event and any two individual events, with a single exception:students entered in CX debate may only enter pattern A events, not pattern B.

– Debate

CX will use the 2012-2013 topic. As per longstanding tradition for the Bower Aly tournament, Public Forum will use the March topic, and LD will use the March/April topic. Public topics will be written by the tournament.

We will be offering two divisions (junior and senior) in each of the formats, as long as we have sufficient entries.

Debate will follow OSAA rules. All conflicts and interpretations of the rules will be settled by the tournament director and will be considered final.

– Individual Events

Pattern A: Pattern B: (
CX Debaters may not enter pattern B

ADS ELL-Interp

Expository Memorized-Humorous

Impromptu Oratory

Memorized-Serious Dual Interpretation

Prose Extemporaneous



Poetry and Radio have been moved to B.

We will be offering Junior and Senior divisions in all events that have sufficient entries. If an event is collapsed, we will still recognize the top 3 finishers in the junior division.

The tournament reserves the right to collapse similar events if entries are below the OSAA Alternate Qualification threshold.

All individual events will follow OSAA rules and will use OSAA ballots.

Please visit http://www.osaa.org/publications/handbook/1112SPEECHHandbook.pdf for a detailed description of the events.

With the addition of the NIETOC bid we are very excited to see an increased entry turnout for the 2013 Clark tournament. Here is more information about the NIETOC.http://www.nietoc.com/faq.asp


School Fee – FREE

Debate entry – FREE ($10/team for late entry)

Individual Events – FREE ($5/entry for late additions)

Uncovered debate round penalty $30 per round

Uncovered IE round penalty $10 per round


One judge can cover 2 CX entries, 2 Public debate entries or 4 LD/PF debate entries; and the same judge can cover up to 6 IE entries (double-entries count as two entries). We are going to try to give coaches a break and use them as sparingly as possible until elimination rounds. However, with a tournament of this size, it is imperative that you either cover your judging obligations, or let us know in advance that you cannot so that we know how many judges to hire. Judges are obligated to stay one round past their last competitor.


Entries will be done via www.forensicstournament.net, entry procedures detailed there.

Even if your late drops take your entries to the point where you have met your judging obligations, if your entries as of the Thursday deadline are over your judging commitment, you will still be assessed uncovered entry fees in full. We welcome unexpected judges. However, due to the difficulties in using them immediately, an unexpected judge will only reduce by half the uncovered penalty that he or she would have resolved had he or she been entered properly.


Look for information about a hotel block closer to the tournament date. This information will appear at the tournament website: http://clarkinvitational.wordpress.com

Options in Eugene include:


1655 Franklin Boulevard, Eugene, OR (541) 683-3669 ‎ · book.bestwestern.com

Information for other nearby hotels:

Sleep Inn & Suites

599 East Broadway, Eugene, OR (541) 345-2331 ‎ · sleepinn.com

Phoenix Inn Suites

850 Franklin Boulevard, Eugene, OR (541) 344-0001 ‎phoenixinn.com

<a name="0.1_actbar-btns-E">Days Inn Eugene Downtown/University

1859 Franklin Boulevard, Eugene, OR (541) 342-6383 ‎ · daysinn.com

Further Information

Please send any questions or concerns to dodds.benjamin@gmail.com


Friday, February 22nd

10:00 Debate, Round 1

12:00 Debate, Round 2

2:00 IE Pattern A, Round 1

3:30 Debate, Round 3

4:45 IE Pattern B, Round 1

6:15 Debate, Round 4

8:15 IE Pattern A, Round 2

Saturday, February 23rd

8:00 Debate, Round 5

9:15 IE Pattern B, Round 2

10:45 Debate, Round 6

12:45 IE Pattern A, Round 3

2:15 Debate, Elim 1

3:45 IE Pattern A, Finals + IE Pattern B, Round 3

5:15 Debate, Elim 2 + Coaches’ Meeting

6:45 Debate, Elim 3 + IE Pattern B, Finals

8:15 Awards + Debate, Elim 4

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