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Windows 8?

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Have any policy debaters switched over to Windows 8? I was wondering if it caused any problems/worked better...I'm shopping for a new computer and I'm trying to decide which OS to get.


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I would recommend windows 10 for debate (and pretty much anything else for that matter). For debate, however, here are my reasons for preferring Windows 10.

The start on Windows 8 is full-screen, kinda annoying if you just want to open something like a timer (or verbatim if its pinned to start) during round while being able to do something in the background. I also like the multiple desktops in Windows 10, allows for better organization in Windows 10 (absent in Windows 8, but I used an app called Dexpot to fill that need). Windows 8 linking everything to your Microsoft account is kind of annoying for me, and I don't really like everything I do being "seen" by Microsoft since 1) the account is linked to the OS and 2) You send "anonymous" usage statistics in Windows 8 if logged in (there might be a way to disable it, not sure). If you really want an older operating system and not Windows 10, I would recommend Windows 7 since its my second favorite since Microsoft just messed everything up in Windows 8 IMO. Microsoft themselves reverted back to a more Windows 7-esque feel with Windows 10, just because Windows 8 received so much negativity. I have used macOS before too, and it's better than Windows 8 because mac is built for user experience over high-end performance. I just prefer Windows 10 over all as of now.


Tl;DR Windows 8 < Windows 7/10/macOS.

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Legend has it she still looks for the perfect computer...





For real though I posted since the last guy posted without looking at the original date XD

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