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Judge Requests 2012-13

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This is a spot for tournaments and coaches to request and hire judges.


if you are looking for a judge the formula is like this:


Tournament name/ School/squad/club name


Your name


what tournament?




Date(s) expected




willingness to provide transportation


Housing? (Y/N)

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The Meadows School is looking to hire 1 or 2 judges in the Bay Area for the Presentation Tournament Oct 6-8, in Lincoln Douglas. We will pay well; looking for local judges.




Tim Alderete - timalderete@yahoo.com

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Hi, if you would like to judge *LD or CX* at the University of Texas Longhorn Classic from Nov. 30th - Dec. 1st, please e-mail Joel Rollins at jd.rollins@utexas.edu

You'd be expected to be available from 2PM til late on Friday (30th) and 7:30 AM on Saturday.

Please include your judging or debate experience, preferred email and telephone contact information - the subject line should be "LHC Judging."



Jishnu Guha, President of the UT Forensics Union

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