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Debate As Social Justice $Raiser

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Hey Mid -Atlantic people. This is Lawrence Grandpre from Towson Debate/Baltimore City College High School.


As you may or may not know, I and many former Towson Debaters, including Dayvon Love, Adam J. Jackson, and Deverick Murray, are working to take skills learned in debate to make political change via a group called Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (LBS). We were recently feature on the National Public Radio show State of the Reunion.




This group does policy advocacy and political/community empowerment work in Baltimore City. As part of this effort, we are trying to run what we are calling the “Keep us Home†Youth Summer Program. The goal is give political, artistic, and academic training to youth recently released from jail to prevent recidivism. This will include training on public speaking and debate. To do this we are running an online, “3 Weeks for 3K†fund raising drive to try to raise $3,000 for the food, space, and materials. If you can donate, great, and we're offering cool gifts to show appreciation. If that's not possible and you know people who might be interested, please let me know and I will forward you the fundraiser email. We really need people to pass this email along so we can expand our fundraising reach. So please hit me at Lawrence.Grandpre@gmail.com if you think you can do this.


We have only 17 days left to raise money. we're already at over $500. We keep everything we raise over $1,000. Under $1,000, we get nothing.



I'd like to think the resources many current/former debaters have been fortunate enough to acquire can be marshaled to support other debaters when they make genuine efforts to make meaningful change. I'd also like to believe that, despite the ideological divides in our community, we can set those differences asides when larger interests are at stake.


I hope I am proven right.


To donate, visit our fundraising page (featuring a cool video by former towson debater Adam Jackson)


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